how to connect a cyberhome ad-l 528 from scratch


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hi, i'm totally new to this,so if the questions seem stupid please be gentle on me.so i've got a yamaha dsp-ax640se to which i've connected the coaxal out on the dvd to the corresponding port on the amp and the scart output to the tv, to get 6:1 is that the only cables i need? also whilst browsing cyberhomes site i have noticed firmware updates the player is over 12 months old so are they important?any advice is most appreciated.

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Welcome to the forums, sounds like you've got it connected up fine, the coax will carry the full digital audio stream for you and your scart will carry the video.

With firmware upgrades there is always an element of risk that you could trash the player while doing it, take a look at the description of what the upgrade does, if it adds something you can't live without then you might want to do it.

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