How to connect 2 optical with 1 connector?


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I have a Sony STR DE475 which only has a single digital optical connector, but need to connect my SKYHD box and also my XBOX 360 which both use digital optical. It also has a component connection which I use for the DVD player as neither of the former support this.

Is there anyway without buying a new amp that I can connect both Sky and the 360 to get digital audio?


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Thanks for that, but the FAQ seems a bit confusing! It seems to suggest that it only supports 1 input to 2 outputs rather than the other way round which is what I need...

Q) Ok what can I buy to allow me to connect my DVD player and Sky box to my amp both optically at the same time. ie my amp only has one optical in ? Thanks - Eddie Evans
A) This splitter allos two inputs to one output (assuming both are optical in the first place)a better option for your requirement would be order code L34AK 3-way Toslink switch.

Q) Is this what I need to allow coonection of two devices to one amp? - Paul
A) No this is one input i.e source to two outputs.

Q) Can the optical splitter be used the other way round with two inputs and one output? - Rich
A) unfortunately no.

Q) Can this product be used on American Components? - Matt Schaldach
A) yes it can

Q) I have 1 sony amp with 1 optical in. I need to connect 2 optical divices to it. Will this splitter to alow me to do this. - Darren
A) Yes the product does support that.

Q) your FAQs answers seem contradictory in the question of reversibility (2 inputs, one output). Can you confirm? - john wood
A) This is Only for 1 input to two outputs.


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I'm not convinced that the first one wouldn't work the other way, ie two inputs to one output - surely optical is bi-directional?

I await being corrected though!

(ETA: The first two FAQ's seem to contradict each other?!?)


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Try the Audio Authority 1177. It costs somewhat more than the Maplin, but will do automatic switching (4 devices).

Gefen ( also manufacture such devices.


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I'm not convinced that the first one wouldn't work the other way, ie two inputs to one output - surely optical is bi-directional?
Fibre is not bi-directional unfortunately, a lot of fibre cables are but thats because they have 2 cables in 1, one for each direction (TX/RX ports). Depends what they have used in this convertor, probably just one from each output spliced into one input. Might be worth trying though as the FAQ is so ambiguous, I could always take it back to the store.


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I'm currently looking at how to connect up my yamaha htr-5540rds and trying to connect freesat, freeview recorder and WD media player, looks like can use toslink to connect one but then left with 1 toslink and 1 digital co-ax connection to connect to a co-ax cable input.

Anyone had any experience of this as a solution or am I being too simplistic?
Optical to Coaxial Digital Audio Convertor : Connect! - Digital Audio : Maplin

There is a Toslink splitter but there seem to be comments that it is a splitter and not a joiner.

Digital Optical Splitter : Connect! - Digital Audio : Maplin

Many thanks for any info

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