How to connect 2 audio inputs with 1 surround system


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I'm thinking about setting up my own multimedia system. As I already have a bit older Logitech Z-680 5.1 surround I want to use this as the audio output.

My question: how can I get sound through my surround Z-680 from both systems (digital TV & network media player) without changing cables all the time...:confused:

I already thought about a solution :lesson: but I'm not sure if it's going to work: connect the Z-680 with an optical cable to the HD TV. The TV has two HMDI ports: one to watch TV, and one to connect to the media streamer. This way the audio will go directly to the Z-680 from both HDMI ports.

Is this correct??:confused:

Can anyone help?



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The audio from the HDMI devices connected to the TV should be passed through via the optical output, yes. However, most TVs only output a stereo audio signal from it's optical connection so any 5.1 audio sent to the TV via HDMI will be lost.

If any of your devices output 5.1 audio, and you have optical connections on them both you would be better off buying an opitcal switch.


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Thanks for clarifying this.

I didn't know that the optical on a HD TV only outputs stereo surround. Don't fully understand why there is such an optical output if this is the case.

As I have two digital inputs on my 5.1 surround (optical & coax) I don't think I will be needing an optical switch. I'll just connect my media player via optical and my digital TV via digital coax. :thumbsup:

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