How to chip an Xbox (USA version)


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I have a USA Xbox and need to have it chipped (just to play UK games really!). I am a total novice on this one so could someone tell me what would be the best choice and how easy are they to install or is it best to send it someplace to get chipped. Any feedback would me much appreciated.



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It all depends if you handy with a Soldering Iron, if you are, then your best option is to go to you will get all the info you need. Xecuter2 lite is a very good chip. If not send it to a installer, do a search in Google.


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Quick You might read about boot disks etc.. but still need a mod chip to boot it in the first place.
If you have computer fairs in your area sometimes there are people there that mod them there.


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Ok, thanks for that buz!

If anyone has had any experience of having there machine modded and can recommend someplace then please let me know!



Where abouts are you, I might be able to put you in touch with someone in your area.



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Well if you fancy a trip to Manchester one weekend. Stoke to Manchester is only an hours drive.

Bowlers Computer Fair is the biggest in the northwest - thats where I got mine done. You wont have any problems there. Plenty of places will do it whilst you wait, mine took less than an hour. Price fluctuate quite a bit. Depending on what you want done, just chip, HD upgrade etc.

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