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How to buy a scan converter for 50 USD

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by miguel.silva, May 20, 2003.

  1. miguel.silva


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    I am not satisfied with the S-Video TV output quality of my Radeon 8500. It is not as good as a set top DVD player. The best way to connect a computer to a TV is via SCART RGB, but there is no card in the market that supports that connection. The only card I found is the XCard, but it does not support the TV as a primary display (ie you also need a computer monitor).

    After reading several opinions and the following Usenet post I decided to buy a Matrox card.

    From: Mike T (mtallent@high$tream.net)
    Subject: Re: Alternative to Matrox?
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    Newsgroups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.matrox
    Date: 2003-03-08 19:47:02 PST

    I have a Matrox G450, and ATI AIW 8500DV and a Geforce4 Ti4200, all with TV out.

    I have measured the TV performance and measured the scan size using a Sony Broadcast TV monitor set for under-scan. I have also measure the bandwidth using TV test signals from a DVD test diak and from my Tektronix TV signal generator.

    By far the best TV output quality with full scan size is the Matrox G450 and at 5MHz it is down about 10%. The Geforce4 will not scan full size and the 5MHz test signal is down about 60%.

    The ATI will not scan full size and the 5MHz signal is down 80% and there are artifacts causing jagged diagonal lines in the TV out image when playing DVD movies.

    I do not have any other Matrox cards except for the G450, and think it works great for TV out quality.

    Mike T Video engineer

    Matrox supplies users with the pinout of a VGA to SCART RGB cable, but they don't actually sell the cable, you have to build it yourself. Strangely enough, most Matrox cards support a SCART RGB cable, except the latest models (Parhelia, etc.).

    The TV quality is indeed better, but I am afraid that the DVD decoding and playing capabilities of the Matrox are not up to the Radeon. I'll have to test this further.

    So I started looking into high quality scan converters with SCART RGB output.

    Two of the top scan converters are Avermedia and Vine Micros (UK). The top of the line Avermedia was the Averkey 7 (http://www.avermedia.com/cgi-bin/products_computertv_averkey7.asp) which cost around 1700 Euros a couple of months ago. A review I read said it had excellent quality output.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately!) it is no longer produced, but I managed to find a site in the US that sells it for 52 USD! The URL is: http://www.bassotech.com/cgi-bin/cp-app.pl?usr=8505859&rnd=6087341&pg=store&sub_pg=prod&ref=1401

    I also bought a CORIOScan Select on Ebay. This is the midrange model, but Vine Micros have told me the low end model, the CORIOScan Connect+, has the same image quality (http://www.vinemicros.com/products/coriocon.htm - costs around 180 GBP). They have a more expensive model which costs over 700 GBP!

    If anyone is interested I can post my comments on both these models after I receive them and test them with my Radeon card.

    Best regards,


    (Disclaimer: I have no relations whatsoever with neither of these companies. I just bought the 2 scan converters today)
  2. CrispyXUK

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    Feb 5, 2003
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    please let us know of your results

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