How to build/buy a personal cloud that works like Google Drive?


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Not sure if this is the right forum, but here's the question:

I'd like to host, on my home equipment, media files that I can access when away from home.

The key requirement is to be able to watch a film remotely using a browser, via streaming (not downloading) with NO added client-side software -- as is possible with Google Drive, just by pasting a link into a browser address field.

As I think I have enough hardware to build such a server, my question is mainly about what software, preferably free or low-cost, and preferably that runs on Windows, can do this job?

Port-forwarding router changes will probably be needed, but I think I can handle that.

An optional feature is for the server to downgrade video resolution on detecting a slower connection (or perhaps maintain multiple versions with different resolutions).

I already have a home server that allows file downloads via a browser -- but it doesn't support video streaming in a browser.

Thank you.


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I think Plex is the one everybody goes for, and from the little I've used it I think it matches all your requirements.


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As above, Plex will be perfect for your requirements, it is capable of doing everything you need. To transcode files it does need to be quite powerful however. It may also be a small hassle to name everything in the right convention, however it is very easy to pick up and learn.


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Look at Jellyfin very similar to plex, also, open source


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You might also need to buy a DNS name and register with a DDNS service provider if the Plex system doesn't do this for you automatically.
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Thanks to all for your replies.

Regarding Plex (which I use on my local area network), the link sharing is different from Google Drive.

With Google Drive, all that's needed is to paste a video link into a browser address bar, and the browser becomes a video player. And if I email the link to a friend, the video is playable without needing a Google Drive account.

But with Plex, it seems necessary for the viewer to sign into a Plex account, or create a Plex account before being able to watch the video.

Regarding JellyFin, in trying their demo account (which allows creating a share link), the link is a download link, not a streaming link. The browser does not become a video player.

Perhaps there's a way for Plex and/or Jellyfin to work like Google Drive, but I didn't see it.

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