How to Build a Girl (Amazon) Movie Review & Comments

Steve Withers

I watched this last night, and really enjoyed it. As someone who voraciously read the music press in the late 80s and early 90s, it brought back some fun memories. Feldstein's Wolverhampton accent is a bit patchy, but she's great in the lead role. I then watched Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which I'd never seen. It's very funny, and made for an enjoyable music-related double-bill.

Tom Davies

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The book is brillz.
Name drop - Beanie Feldstien stayed in Wolverhampton about 4 years ago to research her accent and she volunteered in the same craft shop (now sadly closed) as Mrs Davies .
She was apparently lovely.


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Well this was timely - something Mrs P and I can watch together so brownie points enough of a reason in itself to say thank you. Standout was the Beanie Feldstien performance. I enjoyed the period music references and it's an unusual period.
Some overuse of fourth wall and narration can be forgiven in a book adaptation.
The, pretty predictable, story line curve and posh people are evil 2 dimensional cliches were perhaps the weakest points.
Very watchable and funny in places. I agree with the 7.


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I liked the film.
The idea, and some of the writing, was great.
It really felt like the time it was set.

I'd agree on the accent though. I kept getting Derry Girls vibes.

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