How to browse reviews in the reviews section? (rather than search by model number)


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Sorry if it's a silly question, maybe I'm just not seeing something obvious :\

But on the old site, you could browse the reviews - i.e. this page:
Reviews | AVForums

Nowadays it just shows the latest 11 reviews, or you can search. On the old site, you could filter on TV type (plasma, LCD, etc), and sort by the highest rated etc.

I went there this time wanting to see about the top Panasonic plasmas, but seems like unless I know the specific model numbers, I'm out of luck? (tried searching 'Panasonic Plasma', no results; searching just 'Panasonic' brings back a lot of non-TV products..)

Cheers for any tips/tricks how to browse the reviews..


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Hover over any other tab but Community and you'll see a link to products. Click on it and you'll be taken to a page with recent reviews etc. On the right there is a categories heading. Click on a category.

Doesn't look like you can filter by manufacturer though. But you can show 'more'.


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Ah yep, quite right - seems you can't see what rating they got in that view, or filter on rating, but that's certainly much better - cheers!


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Damn, it doesn't work, or at least there's enough data missing that you can't really use it - putting in say panasonic as a keyword just returns a blank white page, and a lot of the release dates are listed as 1st Jan 1970.. trying to filter on say plasma+1080p+THX cert, returns just one LG plasma - oh well, I guess they just broke the previous system with the site redesign :\ ok, fall back to google and the 'site'/'inurl' tags I suppose..


The review section is still a work in progress and will be improved over time as Stuart posted here

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