How To Become A Taxi Driver?


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I am interested in becoming a taxi driver what special licenses do you need to start off?

I seek advice from any taxi drivers out there on any info you can give me?


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I don't think you need any special licence to drive a taxi.
To drive a black cab is a different matter though.
Certainly in London you have to have the "knowledge", which is a test that proves you know the roads.
This probably applies all over the country, at a guess.
Also, my understanding is that black cabs or TOA (Taxi Owners Association, I think) is a closed shop and very much a "dead man's shoes" job, ie you have no hope until someone dies and even then, there's a massive waiting list.

My son-in-law was a taxi driver for a private taxi firm, so this is what I'm basing my answer on.
He told me it's a rubbish job, FWIW :(

As I said, it comes from what my SIL has told me, so I'm happy to be corrected :)


I am interested in becoming a taxi driver what special licenses do you need to start off?

I seek advice from any taxi drivers out there on any info you can give me?

check with your local council , they regulate . normally


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Yes, I forgot about that. I believe they just do a check on you, to make sure you aren't a paedy etc. Possibly some health check too, but I can't remember exactly.


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Certainly in London you have to have the "knowledge", which is a test that proves you know the roads.
Not forgetting of course the ability to do a death-defying U turn in heavy, fast moving traffic whilst ranting to the rear seat passenger(s) about "bleeding immigrants" and a variety of other social trends :)


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Is it a taxi driver or a private hire driver you want to be?

Get in touch with your local council and they will tell what's what.

You will need to have a doctors medical and a full CRB check.


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Basically you get a licence to own the road and not have to follow any rules and regulations whilst pissing off all other road users.

It's all swings and roundabouts, as a taxi driver myself you'd be surprised at how many other road users won't let a taxi out at junctions, it's like a game of cat and mouse and sometimes it's fun.


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2 types of "Taxi" drivers....

1) known as black bad drivers these can be any colour cabs now but known as tx1's.
These drivers are classed as "taxi" drivers. These drivers in their cars can use bus lanes.
They are the expensive cars as there "taxi plates" are restricted and the plates can fech round 40 50k ( thats pounds) without any problems. To become a TAXI driver their are normally 2 types of tests. 1 is the general driving test and the second which applys to the above is a street test.This cab you can pull anytime of the day and without ringing anyone. You simply show um your thumb and they stop.

You would be asked how to get from "rank" The rank is the place they sit on all day when one gets a cad. Fot example Bradford bus station. You would be asked "how would you get from Bradford bus station rank to great horton road". You would reply i would exit bus station,turn left onto a road continue for 1 mile turn right onto b road etc etc. You would have around 300 questions to remember and you would be asked around 60.

2) Is a private hire driver, These are the opnes who drive at 50000000 miles per hour in Bradford. The are in all colours and shapes ( cars) . They cannot be hailed from the side of the road and must be pre booked hence "private hire" you have a accident in this and you did not bookhim BEFORE YOU STOPPED HIM you are in **** my friend. No INSURANCE COVERS THEM.
The test in Bradford requires a little street test but most pass hell i have seen chimps pass i know you will.

For both you must have a crb check which the council will pay for and you will also need to show you dont have more than 6 points. This rule for bradford please check local council rules. If you have more points they will grant a badge but will have to explain yourself.
A doctors medical ( needed only once) this would cost around £50.
As for fees they are around the same £90 ish for the year ( badge) only.


1X 100 BADGE ( Every year has to be renewed)
1x Car
1x radio rent varies ( around £100 good base a week)
running wear and tear £50 aweek


You can work for "companys" as private hire or B/Cab they give you a car and pay everything appart from the badge ( thats your own) and change around £200 a week. So again your have to make 200 to break even.

I was a cabbie for 8 years i have both Black cab and private badge. TBH i would opt for black cab, Its a little better in the respect dept too.


a friend at working is going thro this process at the momoent. he has had to have a criminakl check done, medical check done. a taxi driving test, plus he still has other tests to do.

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