How to auto back up to Ext HDD on new Qnap GUI?


Hey all.

I am not that familiar with the new Qnap GUI so I cannot figure out how to back up my NAS media folders to my external HDD at a certain time.

On my old qnap it had a back up station that just allwed you to set up a time to back up, but it seems this function has been removed on the new GUI.

Also it keeps saying I have not enabled sync, but the QSYNC keeps saying the home folder is disabled which I do not know what that means or how to activate it, or even if I need it or if it relates to what I want it to do.

Everything is working as I want it to, but I want to back up my media everyday to my Seagate.

I have put the USB in the back and front, but I still cannot find a way to do this.

Can someone let me know where QNAP has moved this feature, or how to use it?

I am a very inexperienced with NAS drives, I only use it for RAID 1 and media, I am kind of a set it up basic and leave it.

Thanks for your help


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As far as I understand it when you install the QNAP OS for the first time it should have created a home and homes folder, these are system default folders and required for the function of apps on the NAS.

If these folders are missing or have broken permissions that will cause some apps that rely on them to not function.

  • Check that you have a homes folder in QNAP control panel->shared folders and has admin permissions.
  • if missing click on others and select restore default shared folders.
  • if you have data in those default shared folders try moving them out of them just in case.

That aside the Qsync app I believe is the equivalent to cloud storage like dropbox, it is meant to sync data were Qsync is installed.

The backup station function is now part of the Hybrid Backup Sync app, search for it in the app centre, that allows backing up folders to USB drives.

QNAP's tutorial Hybrid Backup Sync, this older one has pictures at least.


Hey thanks for that.
I found HBS 3 to back up my files at 6am everyday, it was on the APP store.

When I got to restore the folders in the share section it says this:

System Default shares have already existed, or the disc volume is not formatted or unmounted

On the qnap site it says I need to take out my drives and do a system restart as per this link:

I am not sure I need to do this, what would this do to help me?

All my files are being backed up as wel speak and I can watch all my movies ect as per normal.

What do you think is best?

I dont have an issue doing what qnap says and taking out my drives, but not sure how this will help me?


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If its working okay you can leave it alone I guess. Perhaps the qysnc error message was just a configuration issue with qsync itself.

If you feel something is wrong with the NAS and app behaviour and want to pursue it I'd ask over on the QNAP community forums, someone there may know precisely how to resolve it and tell you what happens.

I've not run that factory restore but retain files function before so cant say anything about it.


Well everything finished downloading and all it did was take 24hrs which seems about right, but made some stupid 250mb QDV files or something, it did not move the files over.

All I want it to do is mirror what I have on my NAS to my USB drive at a certain time.


Got it sorted, you need to de-select QuDepud on the last page or it will transfer into strange smaller files.

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