How to author a DVD with the files from the PVR-9200T


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For a year or so, I've been using two bits of software for DVD authoring - DVD-lab and Womble mpeg-vcr. I've been having a play with a file downloaded from my PVR-9200T this morning, and have worked out how to get the files to work in DVD-lab.

If you just add .mpg as an extension, DVD-lab can't import the file - it is a transport stream not a program stream, and the headers are wrong. Also, it contains two separate audio streams, one of which appears to be silence.

To fix this, open the file in mpeg-vcr, and use the MPEG Demultiplex option to extract the video stream (ID 560) and audio stream 562 (not 561, which is the default).

Once you have the two streams demuxed, run the MPEG Multiplexer in mpeg-vcr to convert the two streams back into one file - I turned off VBR and minimise file size options, and left everything else as defaults.

The resulting file will work in DVD-lab, and can also be edited in mpeg-vcr first if so desired.

The mpeg-vcr MPEG Convert Streams option in theory does the same as a demux followed by a mux, but I couldn't use the resulting file - will continue investigating and see if I can fix that.

Hope this helps someone else!
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