how to audition HT amp


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Im looking to get a Projector when
the dust settles re recent new models,
I could hook up my dvd player just to the hifi
giving 2 though this sounded poor with my
older samsung dvd player which will be replaced.
Im planning to audition hopefully the NAD T762
what should one be looking for in an av.amp demo
ie how to judge it
is clarity of dialogue an important criteria?
how to judge when sound is flying at you from all sides
i thought one dvd I might use is Jazz on a summers day
to give an indication of the audio quality.
any suggestions?


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no-one here can tell you what sounds good to you.

you need to go out and audition, compare the sounds and choose which you like best, remember to look at the features as well, work out what they all mean and decide if you need them or not.

a couple of things I would say tho, the more power output the better, not because you'll be able to fill the albert hall with sound but a more powerful amplify will be put under less strain and output a cleaner signal, this is better for your speakers.

and yes clear dialogue is vital in home cinema, do you want to be straining to hear it? although the clarity of dialogue through the centre channel will probably have more to do with your choice of centre speaker.

also do a search in DVD Talk for demo discs or something like that, there are tons of threads regarding the most impressive sounding DVDs to use for demo-ing.

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