How to adjust projector positions horizontally to align with screen

How can I mount the projector so that it can be translated horizontally and aligned with the screen? I will be mounting this on the ceiling.
I just purchased the BenQ ht2050a, which apparently has vertical shift only. Almost every ceiling mount that I have seen has rotational adjustment and sometimes vertical adjustment.
I can't find any tutorials or information on how to set the horizontal positioning of the mount. It seems like either the projector or the mount would need a way to translate the lens parallel to the screen, but surprisingly I can't find either that do this. Am I missing something?

My projector screen is already mounted and hung. Next I will need to mound the projector in line with the existing screen. I know that I can set the rough distance by measuring and calculating the center of the screen from the perpendicular walls. How critical is the horizontal placement of the projector? I'm assuming that by the time I drill holes and screw the mount into the support that the position will not be exact.


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Use a laser measure
Lens to corners of screen
Some screens are adjustable
Some screens are adjustable
But most aren't, and mine is not.

So are you saying the only way is to exactly nail the position of the mount? I'm assuming that even if I measure accurately, once I drill the holes and bolt everything down, the mount and projector will get pulled towards one direction or the other, at least by a few millimeters.


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Put one bolt in the ceiling and display a film, line up the sides, top/bottom may be off slightly.

If you can twist the projector while fixed to the mount, try this in combination with one bolt to line up all edges. 50/50 chance of this working.
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Best way, get a few people on the job.
Mark up with movie on then drill holes.

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