How should surround speaker sound


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I have just finished installing the speakers. I have run the MCACC on my VSX D712. I sent my kid over to get a couple of DVD's and she got Chicago (a musical) and Prince of Egypt.

I must say when I heard the THX soundtrack I said WOW ! simply GREAT ! However during DVD playback I could barely hear the rear surrounds. I could clearly tell when sound was eminating from the centre and front's ....but not from the rears. Is this normal ?


Pioneer VSX D712, M74i floorstanders, M3c2 centre, M3ds rear surround.

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It's a shame that you picked two DVD's that I haven't seen but in general 95% plus of all of the sound comes from the front speakers. The rears add mainly ambience to enlarge the soundfield with the occasional direct sound coming from them in the form of gunfire or planes crossing or the suchlike.

Try the opening scenes from Saving P rivate Ryan or Apo calypse Now for noisy use of rear speakers.
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