How reliable have you found your kit?


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I'm sick and have the disease again. Upgraditis has struck! :devil:

Problem is I'm leaving the UK for Oz in about 9 months. From what I've seen there are more competitve prices here than I've found online over there, so thinking of upgrading before I go.

Of course the only problem is that my kit will basically be without warranty (instore extended) when I leave.

Need to get an Amp and Speaker package (probably Denon 2807 + KEF 5005). So my question is, how many of you have run into issues after the initial 6 months post-purchase. Should I be waiting (I have very little patience :suicide: ) till I get there?


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I can only go on what I've bought :

1998 Harman-Kardon AVI-100 ProLogic : first one broken after 1 day, switched at Richer Sounds no problem. This unit is still going strong in my mate's house

2000 Yamaha DSPA5 5.1 receiver : no problems ever, eventually sold on eBay

2004 Sony STR-DB790 6.1 receiver : no problems ever, still going strong but about to be replaced by

2006 Harman Kardon AVR140 6.1's hoping I have no problems like I did with the first H-K I bought

I think if something's badly wrong with AV hardware, you're most likely to notice it either straight away or, according to the law of sod, 1 day after your warranty expires.

Mind you, I haven't carried my AV kit to Australia, so dunno what sort of damage could ensue, esp with dodgy baggage handlers etc....

Are prices in Australia really that bad ?


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I upgraded to a Denon 4306 about three months ago, no problems.

Electronics from reputable manufacturers tends to be very reliable - but if its going to fail the most likely time is in the first 100 hours with an early life failure the sooner you buy, the sooner you will find any problems, and be able to use the UK warranty.

In addition, make sure the insurance offered by your shipper specifically covers repair or replacement of electronic goods that don't work after shipment...from bitter experience when I worked in Australia the standard insurance covered me for physical damage - basically if you couldn't see the damage, tough. I then discovered that for a very small increase I could have had a better policy.....:(


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Thanks guys. There are no guarantees I suppose, but the main thing was whether most people had any issues outside the first year or so.

Cerb thanks for the advice on the insurance. With a computer and LCD to ship anyway, I'm definately making sure my insurance goes the full whack. Would be suprised if anything works by the time it's made the journey, so hopefully score some replacement kit!

Reckon I can save around £500 buying it here. Think because everything is a little slower getting to market (plus the fact that the market is smaller) means there isn't the competitive deals on kit that I've seen here.

Still hard to find a 32WLT66 for less than £1200 when I got mine for £850 nearly 5 months ago! :eek:
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