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How reliable are Xbox's



Is the x box as reliable as people say it is i have always been the proud owner of a PS2 and find it fantastic.

Would it be worth me trying another console. :rolleyes:


Established Member
Not heard any problems with the xbox, ive heard alot more about the PS2 and its laser problems. Ive never had a problem with any of the xbox's ive had, but saying that you could just get a duffer :laugh:


I have an ex-demo Version 1.0 (thanks to the now defunct Techtronics), and it's as good as a couple of mate's brand new machines, not bad for something 3 years old that used to run all day in a shop environment! :smashin:

Munkey Boy

Distinguished Member
Funny reason to choose a new console because it's reliable? Surely the quality of the software should be the deciding factor? You are covered under UK law if the machine goes faulty for at least 12 months for either replacement or repair. I'm still using my launch day machine.


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Most things that seem to go on both consoles is the DVD drive itself.

The big difference is a new laser for a PS2 is £80 whereas you can get an Xbox DVD-ROM drive for £30. My brother-in-law threw out his PS2 when the laser went.

Mark H99

I've had my Xbox for a couple of years now and not had any problems, used to have a ps2 and had to have it replaced under warranty, before that my PS was a nightmare, had 3 replacements on warranty, in the end it would only work upside down !!


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on the second laser for my PS2 and its still picky
my xbox of same age (3 yrs) and never any problems AT ALL


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No probs with my box of wonder either. I think the secret is that the xbox does not have that stupid big fan at the back sucking up loads of dust and gunk like the original style PS2 has/does


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Had a PS2 for around 4 years & it's still going strong on 1st laser - has been used for loads of 5 hour + PES sessions over the years. I'd say it's had about 15 hours usage per week on average since I bought it. Had an X-Box since September 04 so can't really comment on the reliability of that. They are supposed to be reliable though.

Like our resident Neo says though, you should buy consoles based upon the games they have on them really. They are all generally reliable and if they break it doesn't cost much to replace them. :thumbsup:

matt bellamy

Standard Member
explicitlyrics said:
I have heard of a few people with dirty dvd drives in xboxes... but they are very easy to clean out.
The only problem I've had is when trying to play Burnout 3. 50% of the time it says the disc is dirty or scratched but it's a new game. I think the disc drive might be slightly dirty, could you tell me how to clean it :) Thanks


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Can still say they are reliable (one hard drive has failed inside one - but that was a PC World drive... need I say more....). They are far more reliable than my PC for SURE!!!! :p

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