How pressing one button can ruin your year totally...


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Hi, hope someone can help me, I have looked everywhere on the net.

I have a Toshiba 50WH18B RPTV, which I have had for about two years now. Up to now, no problems.

Then I "accidentally" caused a complete system reset while in Designer Mode, and I can't get the picture quality back to where it was before.

I had some of my service codes written down, but not all of them, and the geometry settings have taken me hours to try to get right, but it's still not perfect, although better than it was.

I have done the service level convergance, but again, it's still not perfect.

The screen image seems washed out, lacking in definition and contrast, and the black levels seem too high, creating loss of definition in dark areas. Focus seems poor too.

Has anyone got a list of the standard service codes which would have existed before the system reset? Failing that, does anyone know the best settings for RCUT etc., RDRV/BDRV and BRTC which would improve the quality of the picture...?

I am really desperate now - the TV screen looks like how they have it in the showrooms in TV stores, and it was perfect! Off now to change my name to Muppet!

I enclose my current settings (as far as I have them), in a .txt file.



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I already tried there, but to no avail, they are specific to HDTV's in the states, which are different to my model.

I just wondered if anyone on this forum has made a note of their 50WH18B settings and could send me a text/excel file with them, then I could reset everything the way it was originally...?



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Amazingly, I found I HAD recorded the default settings for the majority of the Designer Codes for the Toshiba 50WH18B, must have been drunk when I did it!

Have reset my RPTV to these settings, and it was amazing how off the geometry was compared to the reset defaults!

Although, using these defaults, I seem to have a blue "bloom" around some white images, it is a huge difference over my initial silliness in resetting everything.

Have done a 64 point convergance, still some fine-tuning to be done, but a good start.

I have put the file showing the defaults for this set on my website - you can download it from the homepage near the bottom, if you find yourself in a similar predicament.

I have only identified a few of the mneumonics which are used, the rest are represented by ?

If anyone can fill in the blanks, please do so, and send it back to me...

You can download it here: http://johnnewbury.com


Hi there,

where you did find the Codes? I need the Designcodes for my 57WH36P Crash it last Night ;-((




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Hi - I got the codes from entering designer mode on the TV and entering them on an Excel spreadsheet one at a time - did this so long ago I had forgotten that I had done it!

If you have had a crash, and didn't make a note of your orginal codes in the first place, the only thing I can suggest is that you post a help wanted to this forum, or search www.google.com for your TV model, including the words "designer mode codes" in your search.

Good luck!


Tnx 4 the Info :smashin: Man,

I have got the GroundSettings from Toshiba Europe.
I have tweaked the CRTs on the Coils too and the Pic is now more then Razorsharp.
But now you can see veryyy clearly the Scanlines On the "natural" and "active" Settings.But the Pic is amazing with the Progressive-Setting and the Natural and Active Settings with more then 3 meters viewdistance.

Maybe i write a Workaround the next Weeks.But im not sure because you must handle on the Magnets when the TV is on (Highvoltage) very Dangerous :suicide:
But it helps for the Convergence-Change after some Weeks too.

Sorry 4 my kiddy-english :lesson:




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How did you get the codes from Toshiba - did you email them? Or have you found them on the website - I can't...? :(

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