How on earth does this work?!


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Some of the stuff in the Flickr Animated Art Group is very clever, especially the Falkirk Wheel.

Question is, how do you go about creating something like this? :confused:

I'm guessing the 'raw material' involves quite a few long exposure shots and the magic is created in Photoshop.

Do you any of you clever PS peeps know how its done? :lease:



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Its actually just a huge animated gif (1.2mb!)....and you don't need anything so plush as photoshop to create it: any (free) animated gif software will create the same effect...which is to take a number of images imported into frames, and then rotate through them.

Normally animated gif's are much (much) smaller, because few people want to download a 1mb image on a web page...

Ultimately though - you still need a series of time-lapse high-quality images to begin with for importing into the frames....good excuse to invest in a decent digital camera though! :smashin:


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All I can say is WOW,I am still trying to get a simple pic to a site,and failing.Technophobe.:oops:

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