How often does your Sky+ freeze

It has happened a few times to my wife, but only once or twice for me.

We've never had the loss of all recordings that other posts mention.

That apart it is probably the best piece of kit I've ever got. I no longer get asked to record this, then that, then something else five minutes before we leave the house.


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Ive had mine around 6 weeks now and it froze during ER last night. I had no idea what was wrong and got really annoyed!

Its obviuously a relatively common fault!



About once a fortnight, but only ever when I start to play back a recorded program. Powering off (and removing/polishing the digicard) cures it. I have never lost a previously recorded program but I have become very wary about starting to watch an existing recording while a new program is being recorded

DTS Rocks !

Anyone got any ideas what causes this freeze up ? Normal SKY does it too,but getting SKY+ Wednesday 10th,so was hoping it would stop all that,seems not then.

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