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How often do you upgrade your Home Cinema equipment?


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I am budgeting for Home Cinema equipment and one of the things I am considering is for how long I will keep each part.

For example I am guessing that speakers should be the parts that need upgrade less often, so probably it is worth paying a bit more for them since I will have the same speakers for many years.

On the other hand, although a $6000 projector is better than a $2000 projector, it might be a better tactic to buy now a $2000 projector and upgrade (with another $2000 pj) every 2-3 years, something I wouldn't be able to do if I bought a $6000 projector now.


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Ive had 3 completely separate speaker systems this year, but due to a placement and having a bit more money. Went from a set up made by Tangent Audio, to a Jamo system, now to klipsch, cost me a good lump, but have a lot more potential than I will ever use. So id say ill keep them for a good few years like!

I had a projector, but sold it for a 50" plasma, it was too much hassle to just have the pj when i just wanted to turn it on to check something etc...


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I used to upgrade almost on a monthly basis...even projectors didn't seem to last long in my house. :rolleyes: However, this was partly as I hadn't reached the point where I hit real diminishing returns. I've not bought anything since early this year (the Arcam stuff bought used from the forum classifieds), which makes me sound a bit like a recovering alchoholic.;)

I went for a demo yesterday of the lastest JVC projector and although in hindsight it seems that the comparison was a little skewed due to an uncalibrated demo PJ against my fully calibrated home setup, I thankfully didn't see a noticable improvement worth the considerable expense: Selling my HD350 for around £1,300 or so and paying about £6k for the new X7 for a very small improvement IHMO just can't be justified. Two years ago I went to the HD350 launch and was very disappointed when I went home and put on my then AE2000 projector for example.

I guess what I'm trying to suggest is that you make sure you buy stuff that is good enough to start with, that you don't feel the need to upgrade. I understand your point re the $2k (guessing you're in the US?) every few years, but it might be that $3k now (such as HD250 or a good deal on an end of line RS15 perhaps) might hold you off upgrading for a good while anyway.


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For me it depends on the item, though most things I manage to keep for a couple of years before the urge to upgrade gets the better of me.

From that point of view, for me it's better to go slightly cheaper and be able to upgrade more often.

As these new little technologies come alone, I tend to want them, even if they're not really "needed" :D

andy yelden

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can anyone advise me if i can plug my sky+ box (SD), WII and blue ray dvd into this amp and it will feed one cable through to my sony nx710 TV



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I upgrade when the unit stops!. I'm now on my second Toshiba 5.1 In about eight years!! ....I suppose If the speaker were shot or sound became distorted I would have to change the system But I have grown to love the sound for so long I couldn't bee without it! The first DVD player went off after about 4 years so I suppose Im about due now, £££££££'s!

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