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Jun 9, 2003
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I tend to upgrade every 2-3 years to be honest , I'm actually in the process of buying a new OLED TV ;) What tempted me was HDR and the ink backs , my current tv is a Sony 49 x8505b which has an excellent picture but no HDR and greyish blacks called for an upgrade ;)
I whipped up an OLED B6 May of last year and since reading upon reviews of one particular TV in the 2017 range I have an urge to pick up a Sony XE9305.

I don't think MY B6 will mind, at least I don't think it's cheating.

Within a rule once every 3 years for me too lol.
Used to upgrade every 2 odd years, had my last Samsung for 5 though as it was so good I didn't need to upgrade. My latest set is great apart from the poor viewing angle, which seems to be getting no better theses days so this set may be staying a while ( its 3d as well which is being prematurely dumped in my opinion)
I only upgrade when necessary or if the TV goes faulty, guess that's why I do crazy research before buying! Funds tend to go on other things like home improvements etc, I've noticed disposable income is getting less and less as the cost of living goes up, partly due to decent food costing more, family getting bigger and wife only working part time leaving me with all the bills rather than new toys :(
I upgrade when one dies, so currently have the Samsung UE49H7000 (I know the video is for the 40inch)

I love the picture but think I have not set it up as well as I could. Something like Hey Duggee which is great block colours the edges seem to have light patches (which I think I read is a back light issue on how the TV is built).

I am really happy with it, but it's amazing how it went from being a huge upgrade from my Hanspree 37inch TV (Which had a massive bevel, so the same foot print) to something that does not feel all that large. The shape of our room and where we store kids toys at the moment mean we sit at a diagonal to the TV (but straight on as its on an angled bracket) and about 8/9 foot away.

Maybe one day I can upgrade to a 60 inch OLED or whatever is the equivalent, but at the moment I am sure it will last me a good while yet and the picture is fantastic for what we need.
I "upgrade" far too often. Lost count of the number of sets I have had in the last 10 years!!
Currently have a Samsung 55KS7000 and loving it, had it for the best part of a year now and it's the best set I've ever owned.
No intention of changing in the near future, but watching the progress of OLED's
I've had 3 new tv's in the last 10 years. I've always been 1 step behind at least. The tv i bought 10 years ago was a HD Ready one, upgraded that to a 1080i one that was cheap 3 years ago and now i've finally caught up a bit and have a Sammy 55ks7000. Currently in no rush to change.
Still using a LG 60PK590 plasma from 2010. I'll upgrade when it breaks.
I'd always bought fairly cheap TVs every 4 or 5 years - last was a 42" Panasonic with no local dimming / 4k for maybe £450. But... then read up a lot and bought a Sony ZD9 last Oct/Nov for £4k. Still can't get my head round how big it is and how it's comparatively perfect. (I was paranoid about OLED screen burn so didn't go that way - maybe it's not often a thing and even if it is I reckon it'll be fixed in future though).
I used to be obsessive about upgrading, doing it maybe once or more a year (don't ask)! The longest I kept a TV was 2 years, but I'm kinda over this upgrading obsession now.

I don't even watch much apart from movies and the odd documentary these days, so it was becoming a pointless hobby.

Currently don't have one (saving up) but I know it'll be a Sony, as after all the brands I had, they're always the one I come back to and enjoy overall the most.

I had over 28 TVs (including ones I returned) since 2011.

What I learned:
LCD is always going to be a flawed technology.
This "IPS has better colours than VA" is a myth.
All VAs have viewing angle issues - only one that didn't was a Sharp panel w/local dimming.
VA is still superior all things considered.
Sound is much better on all LCDs in past three years.
Sony handle gradation in colours best (Smooth Gradation feature really is genius)
Clear LCD from Philips is a great feature.
Sony and Philips both always have great motion, even on low end models.
Panasonic models can be hit or miss.
LG are unreliable in lower models. I'm not a big fan of Samsung's lower tier offerings either.
More and more LCDs are using IPS/PLS/ADS type panels in the past 2 years.
UHD really is pointless in smaller sizes.
Edge LCD uniformity is probably at its very best now.
OLED prices can't fall soon enough.
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In the last 10 years I've had two TVs. A Sony KDL-40L4000 that I bought on offer in Sainsbury's, I think it was December 2008, and now I'm using a Sony KDL-46W905 I got from John Lewis Home Outlet in January 2015.

I wanted to replace the 40 inch Sony with a larger screen a couple of years ago and had settled on one of Sony's 50 inch models that was popular that year (I forget the model number now, but it came in black and silver). One of the places I went to look at TVs was John Lewis Home Outlet and they had a fabled W905 in mint condition and low panel on time. It was the 46 inch and not the 55 inch model and it cost more than the newer 50 inch Sony I was also looking at at that time, but I couldn't turn down the W905.

I'm not interested in 4K at the moment, so will continue to enjoy the wonderful 1080p W905 display for a while yet. It's a great panel and has low response time for gaming.
Every 4 years or so will probably be my setpoint. Once I settle down and buy a house, I'll probably upgrade every 1-2 years and just shift the TVs around rooms. I'm lucky in that I have a sister and parents whom don't care about technology so I can always buy a new electronic item, hand the old one down to them and it makes me feel a bit better than I'm not being too wasteful.

This year, I could have held onto my 1080p samsung but I have the itch to upgrade screen size wise. Not too arsed about 4k or HDR. In all honesty I feel like we haven't even got the best from 1080p and 4k gaming is a pain in the ass and too expensive (looks at GTX 1080titan)
i upgrade every 3 years, i only recently upgraded to keep up with 4k gaming i'm hoping the tv should last a couple of years at least but i know the high res standard (4k, 8k, 10k and so on) always changes over time and quite often but i hold onto the tv for a while as i'm happy with it.
I usually upgrade every 2-3 years, having just upgraded to a 2016 UHD TV, but that will probably not be happening now that the dictatorship that is the "Supreme TV Manufacturing Industry" have declared through the "Grand CES" that we, of such inclination, can no longer watch 3D movies at home on their latest wondrous televisual products. :)
When I move house! So on average every 7 years. Move the TVs round one room

Love my new Samsung ks8000 bought this year for the uhd but my old Panasonic viera (forget the model) hasnt ever had the slightest judder or motion problem unlike my new set
I have a 4yr. old Panny plasma st60 (luv it) that's still going strong. This year I caught the oled bug, but Best Buy had the Samsung ks8000 on sale so I went with that. Very happy with the Samsung. Ask me in four years!:)
Every three years for me, I think it's surprisingly fast how technology changes and improves.
I'm still sporting the 2014 Samsung UE48H6400 and have to say some HD material looks very close to 4K.

I would love to upgrade to a 4K HDR TV now that I have a PS4 Pro however half my TV viewing is still SD and until this changes I don't see the point.
My Sony KDL-40EX403 is still going strong some seven+ years after I bought it from JL. It has the occasional hissy fit when selecting HDMI inputs, and a recent transmission change on Freeview HD audio caused an issue with audio dropouts (luckily, the change was reversed). I know that I'm on 'borrowed time' with the unit as Sony hasn't provided any firmware updates since the end of 2015, so the next change to something Freeview-related could signal its demise, unless I just use it for its HDMI inputs.

I've been tempted to jump to 4K, but the continuing standards change (HDMI 2.1 being amongst them) is holding me back. That and the rubbish picture quality for anything other than 4K sources. Just about every panel that I've checked-out looks great when handling a 4K source, but upscaled HD looks wrong, and upscaled SD looks terrible to me, and given that at present there's a real lack of 4K material to watch, combined with the fact that Freeview and Freesat (my main sources) are largely SD, any move to a larger 4K panel would actually be a retograde step from my current Sony TV.

I'm definitely up for a larger panel at some point, but the dust needs to settle a bit in the 4K space and my current TV needs to die before SWMBO will give me budget approval to buy something new!

On average every 9 years, my current TV is a Panasonic Plasma TH-42PZ81B.

I had decided on the LG OLED55E7N, but changed it to the LG OLED55B7V at the last minute I have a Price Match with John Lewis for £1999 against Total digital delivery on Monday.

Wallet ruled over my heart in the end.

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HD TV started with a Panasonic VT20 but sold within 2 years (floating blacks annoyed me). Now own a Panaconic VT55 5 years old this October and not interested in upgrading to 4k, the dust needs to settle the spec is just changing too much now.
Current TV: an LG 55EG910V OLED bought in 2016.

Before that, it was a new TV in 2012, 2010, 2009, 2006, 2002/3?... so mostly every 3 years. Every time except the first and the last there was a size upgrade involved.

The one-year upgrade cycle was going from 40" to 50" at half the price of what I paid for the 40" LCD so maybe that explains the impatience :blush:

All in all, it would have been less expensive to just buy a Pioneer KRP-500M in spring 2009 and be done with it for the last 8 years :laugh:
My current TV is a 50 inch Panasonic S20 plasma bought in 2010 I think. I will get an OLED TV when I can afford one!
I bought my current tv a Sony 75X9405 from 2015 last year.Prior to that I had a Pioneer 600A Kuro which I had for several years.I actually think it's sometimes better to buy the previous years model as I did.I bought the Sony 75X9405 for £3999 with a six year guarantee and sold the Kuro for £700 making tv cost effectively £3299.

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