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How much?


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Whats this lot worth guys?...I want to list it on Ebay with a sensible buy-it-now,any idea?

AS NEW XBOX 360 Pro 120gig(Official Microsoft Upgrade) HDMI 175w boxed complete.. manufactured 03/07/2008...

Basically this is XBOX360 Elite specification but in white...

+ Extra Official Microsoft Wireless Controller..AS NEW...

+ Official Microsoft Play and Charge Charge Kit including 1 rechargable battery..AS NEW...

+ Official Microsoft HDMI lead and AV dongle.This allows you to connect by HDMI and Optical Digital Audio at the same time...AS NEW and as supplied with the Elite...

+ 15 Games...Gears of War,Halo3,Bioshock,PGR3,Burnout Paradise,Call of Duty 4,Mass Effect,The Orange Box,Dirt,Grand Theft Auto IV,Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six Vegas 2,Crackdown,Forza2/Viva Pinata and Arcade Unplugged Vol 1(Includes 1 month XBOX Live Gold Membership)All in AS NEW condition plus 5 new green spare games cases



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A fettyguess is about £275-300. But that's just my take on it. Possibly put it up for £330 as a buy-it-now but personally I would struggle to justify paying over 300 for it :thumbsup:

In fact, checked gamestations website as a quick reference point, 60gb box with Halo3+Mass Effect for £170 all brand new so I think I'd list all your stuff defo 275-300 range
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if it was mine and i sold it here i would sell everything seperate

£90 for the machine
£50 for the hd
£18 for the controller
£8 for the play and charge kit
£20 the dongle is quite sought after on here as we are on an av forum

games sold seperately here will vary on price pgr3 for example even though imo is better than 4 will cost you around a generous £5 the rest will be around £5 - £18 per game
a good reference point for games

is www.findgames.co.uk
they have the chespest games game finds on the net imo i use them all the time so if a game is a tenner new £6 will be the asking price on here i hope that helps
use the classifieds here they are very good:smashin:


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Why not list it here in the classifieds? :smashin:

Agreed theres to many people mucking around on ebay I sold my wii to a kid using his parents account which would be ok but his parents couldnt use a computer either so about 1-2 weeks later without payment i gave up and got stuck with ebay fees remember with the prices games go for on ebay, if its too good to be true it probably is.


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If it was me I'd put a starting price of £120 and just see where it goes from there. On ebay, people will only pay as much as they're prepared to pay.

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