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A friend has asked me to sell his n.e.c 6pg projector (he,s gone to Perth australia and he says he ain,t coming back) its in good condition how much would it be worth ?He wants £3000 but i don,t think its worth that much, how much realistiy would it be worth with very good tubes ?


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The NEC is a cracking 7" tube projector with electromagntic focasing lenses. It's rated by many to have one of the best colour balances round. Its one of the sharpest & bright projectors in it's class and delivers a fantastic image.
The only down side is that the NEC tends to burn tubes quicker than most and parts are becoming harder to find. They are also one of the more difficult projectors to set up. They really require expert installation.
Price will depend on condition of tubes and hours used. I think £3000 may be slightly on the high side. I know Roland has a GE Imager 601e for sale, which is a rebadged 6PG with new tubes for around the same price.

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A bit steep but a quality projector. GREAT COLOUR. Gordon is useful with these and well worth employing him to set up / calibrate . It can be tweeked further with 9PG boards.
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