How much would a FMJ DV27 be worth


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Appologies if this is the wrong section to be posting this but didnt know where else to ask but I have had from new for a number of years now a black Arcam FMJ DV27 dvd player which has never given any bother and although this is not the 'A' version you would all probably agree its still a damn good dvd player.

Now due to shortage of funds and other things I would like more than this I am considering selling it probably through the classifieds here but am unsure how much it would be worth and even if its worth selling. I have searched the classifieds and other places for a value but none seem to have been sold recently.

Any help would be appreciated



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I would say a figure of £600 is realistic, perhaps less tbh. If selling on ebay, for example, I would set a reserve at £550.

I tried to sell my DV27a last year, and was offered £700.

The DV27 is a great player via analogue (component), but it does lack the HDMI that many people seek.




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Thanks for the reply's

To be honest because of its age and not being an "A" version I didn't think anyone would say it would be worth quite as much as that but this will now give me food for thought.... which is around what I was thinking but at the same time thought it sounded high

Having said that I now feel a bit more inclined to keep it. I already knew it was still a very good player as at the end of last year I had the top model of Pioneer dvd player on demo connected via HDMI and set up comparisons (after setting both up with avia of course) with the same dvd's playing in both and switching between the two and came to the conclusion I prefared in both pic and sound what I already had connected via component. So now even though I am watching a fair few less dvd's than I used to (which is why I am thinking of selling) I'm not sure if I would be happy with a lower quality player even if rarely used

May wait till I get a HD-DVD player (which no doubt I will end up getting sooner rather than later) and see how it handles dvd's then make a decision.

Thanks again


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A wise move methinks.

HD-DVD players are just around the corner; well Q1 2007 to be precise. Yamaha have a few players that should be available in the UK later this year.

Although it means updating my vast DVD collection to HD! :eek:


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AndoverRed said:
Although it means updating my vast DVD collection to HD! :eek:
I intend at the minute not to do that but also remember saying I won't be getting any dvd's that I had on vhs..... well you can guess how that worked out:suicide:

Realistically I will probably get a few of the bigger titles again like LOTR and The Matrix etc and then it will probably expand from there...... :rolleyes: its an expensive hobby this lark :(

I've convinced myself now to keep it for a while yet, though it will probably be worth less when the HD players hit the market as more people will be wanting them.... just have to pity my bank balance for a while longer


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So far, I did not had the opportunity to watch a HD-DVD movie.
But I have some questions :
1°) is the improvement if offers over DVD that huge that it urges to change to DVD for HD-DVD ?
2°) will that improvement be to be seen even on movies shot with a "normal" camera ? I guess it should, as the uncompressed video format is over 24MB/s large, when the MPEG-2 compressed format is 12times less…

But the difference has still to be seen live…

SACD can sound worse than CD, can't it ? A good CD-Player will offer better sound with a simple CD than an entry-level SACD player, won't it ?




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1080 i/p is alot better than DVD, and 720p is also quite alot better than DVD.

However, the quality of the raw movie and the compression is as important. A good DVD will make you happier than a poor 1080p HDDVD/BlueRay.
Most 1080p that are released initially will have quite some time spent on picture quality, for promotional reasons (e.g. from Sony). I expect there to be alot of crap quality material coming out later on, where they are just milking more money from us and where we get very little for it.

1080p on a 720p display will not give you much improvement over native 720p. Might often look worse since it requires downscaling.
1080p displays are still rare and expensive and perhaps not so great yet. A really good 720p display (e.g. plasma) often has better contrast and higher lumen, and overall picture quality (except resolution).

I have no experience of the HD audio formats but expect the first players to have pretty lousy audio since e.g. Sony, Toshiba are not well known for providing good audio unless you go for their ultra expensive reference kits.
I expect poorly recorded, mixed and compressed HD audio to be much, much worse than redbook CD....
I don't expect much difference between DTS and DTS-HD.
Listening to it at an early stage (e.g. from PS3) probably won't tell us much about its qualities in 2-3 years when chipsets
have become "audiophile". Let's hope for the best...
Indeed a poor SACD player is crap and a waste of money compared to a really good CD player.
It is extremely hard to design a multiformat player that plays both multichannel SACD, CD, DVD-A, DTS, etc.
I expect SACD to be lost at some point for this reason...

I'm buying a DV137 now, and will hopefully be able to run HD formats from a HTPC in 6-10 months. The combination of this HTPC and the DV137 will fulfil all my requirements with a mix of turn key usability and high-end capabilities of established formats (DV137) and hard-to-use moving target must-have techie stuff and new formats (HTPC).
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