How much would a DVD Recorder of this SPEC cost?

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    Functions of the DVD & HDD

    *Play and record DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 discs with the program saved in hard disk of the DVD & HDD.
    *Built-in tuner allows user to receive and record TV program.
    *Record AV or SCART signals output from other equipment (camera, DVD player, etc.)
    *Support up to 10 recording tasks.
    *Time shifting
    *Four recording quality options
    *Three video output modes, i.e. compound video, S-Video, SCART.
    *Built-in AC-3 decoder, 5.1 channel output, support Dolby.
    Playable discs
    This DVD&HDD can play the following discs of 8cm or 12cm.
    DVD disc.
    VCD disc.
    This DVD & HDD can also play additional discs including a majority of DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-R, CD-RW video and audio discs.
    This DVD & HDD employs AC 90-240V power source.

    Recording time: 8-81 hours for standard configuration (40G)

    airframe size: 430mm*290mm*78mm
    packing size: 545mm*408mm*155mm
    Net Weight: 5 kg

    Notes to parts of rear panel:
    1. Compound video output: to connect with TV and output compound video signals.
    2. S-VIDEO output: to output video signal to TV, it is clearer than compound video signal.
    3. 5.1 CH audio output: it supports DOLBY and can be connected with up to 6 speakers.
    4. SCART interface: to connect with equipment with SCART interface, for European use only.
    5. Video input: compound video signal input, to receive the video signals input from other equipment.
    6. Audio input L/R: L/R stereo channel, to receive the video signals input from other equipment.
    7. Alarm.
    8. TV signal input: to receive cable TV signal.
    9. TV signal output: to connect with TV, you can watch TV without powering on this DVD & HDD using it.
    10. Power cord plug: to connect with AC power source.

    This DVD&HDD provides built-in tuner, cable TV signal can directly enter this DVD&HDD, additionally, to enable user to independently receive TV program, this DVD&HDD is furnished with a TV signal output jack, see the connection figure below:
    Actually the built-in tuner of this DVD&HDD serves as a receiving circuit of TV, so,
    *If this DVD&HDD is connected with monitor instead of TV, the user can also receive TV program via this DVD&HDD.
    *TV program timing recording is regardless of power switch of TV, whether it is powered on or off, as long as you have set timing recording task, even though TV is powered off, the DVD&HDD can normally record the scheduled TV program.

    Using SCART Interface to Connect with TV (for European use only)
    See the connections of this DVD&HDD with TV with SCART interface in the figure below:

    Connecting with other DVD, VCD, Recorder
    By connecting AV input with AV output of other equipment user can record the audio signal output from other equipment (DVD, VCD player) connection.

    This DVD&HDD can display or record the images captured in camera. If the camera has built-in microphone, user can connect audio interface of camera to the DVD&HDD to record audio signals. If the camera has no microphone, user can connect an additional microphone to the DVD&HDD. This DVD&HDD records audio and video signals synchronously.


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