How much will the DUP get to go along today?


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They are smug indeed. Though I think the SNP and Corbynites are pretty much on par when it comes to smugness and being ****s.

Heck, I'm sure some here would think the same of me, same as all 10 combined :)

However, I doubt that they, SNP, Corbynites nor myself (no doubts there obviously) or many others :) care what others think of them. People will have opinions, some valid, some not so valid. It would be boring if we are all the same.
I really don’t like SNP, however, I do have respect for their position - they have stood solid on their Brexit stance and it matches that of its constituents - so good on them for that at least.

For the most part, I feel the same about the original LibDem MPs, but not the defectors that have joined them.

What I simply can’t abide is MPs that are opposing the will of their constituents. There is a lot of talk that 52:48 is not significant (although the remains seem to think the 51:49 win on the Letwin amendment a resounding success) but some of these MP have constituencies that are 65% to 70% in favour of leave and thy are still opposing it. Absolutely disgusting.


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