How Much Weight Have You Lost?


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I've lost 6lbs over the last 3 days; and I think I'm eating more. :thumbsup:
But my arm is killing me. Too much baseball and bowling.
On fitness I managed to get down to 39 but I'm now back at my real age, 46.

How are you all doing?


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I lost over 6 lbs searching for one and through stress of sitting on the sofa checking for availability at 06:00 every morning. Which is how I got 2 from Amazon at 7:25.
I tried it for 2 minutes before wrapping for christmas (we never grow up!), and I think this could be far more use than an exercise bike.

Don't worry about eating more, the last time I actually exercised properly I ate more but became healthier.

I'll be back with my findings when I'm allowed to play it.:hiya:



Well I was playing with friends until 1am this morning. Today I feel like I've either climbed Everest or gone 10 rounds with Tysons. The last time I felt this sore was when I actually went to the gym (many a moon ago). So whilst I won't say it's a substitute for the gym it's far far far better than nothing for us couch potatoe types. Not sure my 360 is going to get much of a look in now!


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My right arm feels like its just about to drop off, too much tennis. The only draw back i can see, one sided body development

Te Bheag

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Hey, don't worry, any weight you took off will go back on over the next few days! :smashin:


Now, if only someone can bring out a fitness game that flexes both arms (other than boxing), then I think they'll have a great success!


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I'm a bit of a gym-rat and exercise several times a week. Even so, both of my arms are aching a bit from Wii Sports, Wii Play and Rayman. I haven't lost any weight due to pigging on christmas food.

Don't worry. Your muscles will soon tone up and the ache will go away.

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