How much was and is it to ship a Projection Screen from Alibaba in China?


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I've been bouncing back and forth between the idea of DIY building my own Motorised Floor Raising Screen or buying one. I've currently bounced back to the idea of buying one. Namely the VividStorm Obsidian ALR Electric Floor Raising Screen. The price of this 110" Electric Tab Tensioned ALR Floor Raising Screen is fantastic at about €850 from Alibaba in China. The killer is the Shipping of €360. Customs Duty isn't too bad at about €40 but of course Irish 23% VAT on the cost of the screen + shipping (€287) then rubs salt into the wounds. Not so much paying VAT per say, but paying VAT on such a high shipping amount. That shipping was for TNT Express. DHL Express was about €40 more. Any reason to pick DHL over TNT. Are TNT staff more likely to Caber Toss the screen off the back of the lorries than DHL staff? ;D :D

My main question is this. Is the €360-€400 shipping qoute from China in line with how much it always cost to ship a near 3m long box weighing 35kg from China to Ireland or the UK. Or does the €400 reflect Covid19 Pandemic Shipping costs which will fall back to much more reasonable amounts once all this Viral unpleasentness is over? What I mean to ask is whether DHL/TNT et al are charging a fortune right now because their Cargo planes are the only planes left flying.


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Are you trying to book the courier yourself or are you asking the Chinese company to ship it?

Couriers charge an out of country premium if you book a collection in another country. The weight and size means it falls into a higher tariff as it cannot be handled through their automated systems. Have you looked at shipping by sea rather than air? That will probably be cheaper, as will finding an agent in China to make the booking for you.

You run the risk that any shipper might damage the consignment. From China there will be multiple legs and agents involved, possibly with a 3rd party collection, 2-3 flights and trips through their hubs and then the final mile delivery to you.

There's not been any significant shift in pricing as volumes have dropped and fuel is at an all time low.

In short this sort of shipping can be risky which is why most UK & I distributors will purchase in bulk and have container sized loads delivered by sea. Booking collection in country is always significantly cheaper than booking remotely.


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DHL and TNT are the shipping options Alibaba gives me on the website. Its not me booking a courier seperately.

So am I to assume that this price is pretty much what it would have been COVID19 or not. Am I to assume that Alibaba will have gotten the best price from DHL/TNT compared to what I would be quoted booking them myself as a private individual. Am I also to assume that using the likes of DHL minimises the nember of legs of the journey as it'll be DHL and their International hubs the whole way from Alibaba to Ireland?

I suppose even if it were half the shipping cost Pre/Post COVID19, do I really want to wait a year or more till things get back to normal, will I have the money for a Projection Screen in a Years time, will Vivdstorm still be in business in a years time etc etc. I also have to remember that even with €400 shipping, this screen is cheaper than the competition. I'd love to get it on but they have only ever stocked the 120" UST ALR version and even thats unavailable during COVID19 as Amazon put a halt to all heavy bulky items afaik.

I think I'm going to roll the dice and pray I get an undamaged unblemished €1500 (PJ+Shipping+Duty+VAT) Screen and if I don't, lesson learned.


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I'd try DHL I used to work for TNT and know people that used them for business. Not a great track record getting items undamaged to the correct destination! Will it be insured? Might be worth it given the value.


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I can't speak for TNT, but DHL Express will require at least 3 flights from China. DHL uses agents and partners to cover all global markets, as well as its own fleet of aircraft. They have 7 airlines wholly or part owned within the group with about 160 aircraft either owned or leased.

For a box of that size, check the delivery time. If it's more than a week it will be going by sea freight and DHL Global Forwarding will be managing the shipping. They are a separate division to DHL Express.

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