how much video footage on a dvd disc


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I want to add my footage of 70 mins on to a disc will i get it all on ? its shot on a Sony widesceen digi camcorder, with titles/music/etc added on in ulead.
How much space does a photo slide show add say 300 photos with backing track music and effects between each photo ? many thanks


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A 70min video would probably need to be burned in SQ(standard) mode, most authoring programs offer the quality in timed steps i.e. HQ = 1hour SQ = 2hours, or even "fit to disk" the program then adjusts compression to fit the available space.


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Not a lot really, HQ means that you are sure that the quality is 99% as good as the origional, the visual difference starts to drop after the SQ mode


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At maximum bitrate (highest quality) you can fit 1 hour on a DVD; for 70 minutes you should see no noticable drop in qualty.


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Many software titles should "fit" the content to disc. Some do this by using variable bitrate encoding in which case the different parts of the footage are encoded in such a way that the action packed scenes are recorded at higher bitrates and the slower quiet scenes are not.. optimising quality but using the space efficiently

Some just do a constant Max bitrate for 1 hr, 2 hrs 3 Hrs

Yet others always use a variable bitrate encoding but change minimum and maximum bitrates

The result is that apart from the Highest quality of 1 hr on a 4.7Gb disc, The resulting PQ may vary but SQ and Best Quality shouldn't vary much for the same source material."Average quality" original footage will obviously lose quality faster,
As such very good original quality at SQ and average quality footage at "best encoded " quality ( 1hr) ,may look pretty similar
It may be a good idea to actually learn to override Auto settings and learn to input bitrate manually as the software tends to err on the side of being conservative
Finally not all encoders ( software and hardware) are similarly capable

In general terms as has been mentioned n past threads . It may be better to spread footage over discs than put too much on one although in this case 60. 70 mins are in practical terms pretty similar

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