How much to upgrade to HDMI A/V Receiver

dork knight

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Hi, Im going to be decorating my room in the next week & intend to wall mount my TV & run the cables through the wall. My current amp only has component and I'm pretty happy with the sound(especially since I can't crank it up in my present situation) but obviously cant run just one HDMI cable through the wall which would be ideal.

My question is how much would I need to spend to get atleat equal sound quality but have the added feature of running everything through just one HDMI cable?

I hook my DVD & PS3 through HDMI & Xbox 360 via component. I plan to get a freeview pvr at somepoint & may want to hook up the retro VCR & PS2.

Sorry if I haven't worded this right, I've been up since 3am & only had 3 hours sleep :boring:

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