How much to spend on speaker cable for this setup?


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Hi all,

I'm looking for my first home cinema system (I've had soundbars before).

I'm currently looking at something along the lines of a Denon AVR X3700/Marantz Sr6015 powering something along the lines of the Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1, Monitor Bronze 200 5.1 set, or possibly the Dali Oberon 5.1. I'll also add 2 atmos speakers (not sure what just yet - bit nervous about in ceiling).

links are just for reference.

I was wondering how much you'd recommend spending on speaker cables/hdmi cables per meter for a set like that? As this is my first time putting something like this together, I don't mind paying a bit extra for convenience/ease, but I'd rather not be dragged into buying a brand name for a negligible performance increase.

What would be a reasonable price to spend per meter on speaker cable/hdmi cables/anything else I need?

If anyone has any suggested reading then please let me know.



There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune of fairy dust speakers cables that are delivered by a unicorn. This will be more than adequate. Van Damme Blue 2.5mm.



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Thank you!

That's the response I was hoping for :)

Really basic question here, but I take it it's pretty easy to cut off and add connections to speaker cables if you are buying it none terminated?


I use Fisual banana plugs for the connection to the amp. Convenient and will keep a good tight connection. My Denon had a habit of slipping the bare wire connection and it was a right pain to get at the back to retighten the screws.



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Any 2.5 mm oxygen free copper (ofc) cable will do, kabeldirekt on amazon is worth a look. With regards to plugs, these are easiest and best I've used. Link

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From a sound quality point of view it's a case of having enough copper to not cause significant resistance compared to the speaker. I use 2.5mm Kabeldirekt, if you're running the cables in walls there are fire safety requirements for the insulation used though. I got an antifrence certified hdmi cable for the 5m run for the pj as it was the cheapest at the time, all others are Kabeldirekt.

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