How much to spend on pair of headphones? Advice needed


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I want to buy a nice pair of headphones.
I have Spendor SE9's fronts and Ce9 centre, and I have Epos subs and ES14 surrounds. So I would like to get some headphones (on ear I guess) that give a similar sound quality. I do listen to a lot of bass heavy music so ideally would like the headphones to have deep bass like a sub does... don't know if this is possible??

I have no idea about how much I need spend, and who's making the best headphones these days!!




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Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880 are known for deep bass. Also, try Grado SR225i or 325i if you like punchy sound to rock/metal. If you like open transparency, go with AKG K601/701/702, but these have a leaner bass.

What will you be using to amplify your headphones?


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I can certainly vouch for the DT880's bass, the DT770 has even more if that is what you are looking for but are not as good sounding headphones overall, for sub like bass you would be disapointed by the AKG's, as richie60 said they are great at open transparency & have better midrange than the Beyers but are weak on bass, especially compared to the Beyers.

As for make of headphones I dont have much love for Sennheiser these days, other makes like Beyer, AKG etc have sounded better to me, I dont like Grado's either as they are too uncomfortable on my head & the sound is way too forward, they are a headphone you really need to try before buying more than others, especially the 325's as they have way too much treble for some people.

The thing is as you pay more for headphones you will get a more balanced sounding headphone, if you listen to bass heavy music on a neutral sounding headphone you might think its boring, the only headphones that have sub like bass would be the ones from Sony, the MDR-XB range, the bass on the Beyers especially when properly amped is wonderfully good, the DT880's have the best bass ive heard on headphones, it has real texture & weight to it & it does go very very deep, but if your used to a subwoofer that vibrates & resonates windows then none of the headphones would match this, except maybe the Sony's at a push.


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Try and source a pair of Sony MDR-D77 Eggo headphones. Theyre convenient to carry around but sound amazing whether you've amped them up or power them off an ipod.

They also don't look too stupid if you decide to take them out and about.

Probs only available off Ebay though, and at silly prices from what I've seen.



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Thanks for the advice. I can pick up a pair of Sony MDR-XB700's for about £80 and some Beyer DT770's for about £130. I don't think I want to spend much more than this so will forget about the DT880's.

I'm going to try to find some to listen first.
What would you go for?


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