How much subwoofer output capability do you need in your system?


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It has the wrong information now as in your sub at your couch where it isn´t anymore and if you moved it to front near mains then you need to recalibrate. Keep us posted how it sounds after. That Sony calibration should only offer 1 mic placement so it takes probably 5-10min max. Hope you have some tripod for the mic and do not keep it close to rear wall, at least 0,5meters away from walls at the MLP!
Performed measurements: did calibration before each measurement and repositioning of the sub.
Red position is original, near field one by the couch. Blue is potential location under front right speaker in corner.
Calibration determined 12dB difference between original and alternate positions for sub (original -6, alternate +6dB).
Measurements done without any real equipment by using smartphone mic (but it is not that bad from what I could find online) via app. Smartphone was in similar position than calibration mic at the MLP, 0.5m from wall.
I have to find a way to output signal clearly at sub only. As a quick workaround I set receiver in 2.1 mode, front speakers -10dB, crossover at 150Hz, and played sweep in "Portable" EQ settings, which outputs signal to sub.
Results are for sure very inaccurate, but should at least be comparable between one another. And I can hear what the results show - peak at ~47Hz and then zig-zag output levels - especially in alternate, blue position.


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Received my dual 12 Monoliths and played around with them the last couple evenings. All I have to say is: "WOW". Coming from a single low power 10" home theater package sub to these is like day and night. Now I have to play around with sub positioning and setting the system up properly. I just ordered a Cross Spectrum Labs CM-140 meter and plan on playing around with REW to get everything dialed in. It's gonna be fun!

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