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Hi All,

I intend on mounting my 50 inch Pioneer 508 in to a recess on my wall so that the TV is flush with the wall. I don't want to leave a big gap between the edges of the TV and the recess, so I thought I would need a fancy bracket which would allow me mount the TV when the bracket was extended and then push the TV back in perpendicular to the wall.

I decided for fork out the £450 this fancy scissors bracket cost but when I called to order it the guy in the shop told me I could achieve what I want (and that it would look better) with this much cheaper bracket:

He claimed that you only need and the recess to be two inches higher than the TV to be able to mount the TV on the bracket. Does anyone have any experiance with this or similar brackets?

I had thought that with a fixed bracket like this I would need a big gap to mount the TV down on to the bracket.



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