Question How much should I sell my Panny TX-P42GT60B for?

Maybe have a look on here in the old classifieds to get an idea or at another certain website but you'll find sometimes the prices they are selling for are bumped up a bit as fees take a big chunk out of your profit .. if someone is interested they may try knock you down whatever the price anyway just have to be realistic with how much you want at the end of the day.. good luck with the sale.


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Thanks for the reply,

I have searched a few sites, including the well known auction site but my particular model isn't selling or hasn't sold in a long time so it's hard to get a rough price. Wasn't sure if mine was a sort after model as it was the last Plasma to be sold by Panasonic and had such good ratings but I guess with the IQ of todays LED/OLEDs maybe nobody wants Plasma, no matter how good it is.

Thanks again.

Hi Pete
I don't think that nobody wants plasma anymore as they still sell or people keep hold of them for a second room it may be people just want larger sizes but I think it could still easily sell as in that size its led and I'd take plasma over that anyday as its what Im used to also not everyone can accommodate more than a 42 inch tv in their room.. I know the model as my dad bought the lower st60 in a 42 inch and I was impressed by that owning 2 kuros... but same as you ... I thought of possibly selling after I check out an oled but need to be sure and it's hard to bring yourself to sell it for a few hundred £s when it cost alot new and then the outlay for a new screen.. what we're you thinking of changing to.?
Ok cool have you watched any content on any of the screens yet.?
I would lean towards the oled too having got leds in the back room and in bedroom one of them being a panasonic which is goid and well built..I just don't like the picture compared to plasma but I want to see the oled for motion etc as would have to be an upgrade in every way rather than black and a sharper picture for me to get rid if one the kuros ...maybe you could try around couple hundred £s for the gt60 or if it's too good to let go for that try putting it in another room bedroom etc. that would be my 1st option
If you sold and decided to get a cheap led for anywhere else at a later date you could pay more for a smaller and inferior screen then regret it...
Yes maybe then have to sell it shame as a good tv... I myself always like richer sounds as they go to any trouble to show you content and will pop in a bluray etc .. its where I 1st saw the panasonic oled when buying an av receiver for my den and had me questioning then ..whether to save for an oled ? but instead up sized from a krp500a to the 600.. some big stores though just seem to show 4k content as you say and don't want to change the settings from over bright vivid to what you would use at home ie. movie settings but then that's what draws people over. .. well Pete good luck with your decision and hope works out well if you get the B6 I'll be interested to see what you think of it and what areas it betters the gt60 as I'm also sitting on the fence for now..
All the best
Regards Chris


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@Zebadee69 I'd say around £275 for a Panasonic 42GT60.

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