How much should I charge for a PSP?

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Just wondering how much would be a good price for it before I decide whether it's worth selling (I'll stick it in the selling forums here if I do decide to sell)...

PSP (newish firmware, 3.something, can't remember), good condition, just a few bad pixels, like it when I bought it. Boxed, all stuff included that came with it.
5 games - GTA LC Stories, Syphon Filter, Spider-Man 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Snooker 2005
4 UMD films - Matrix trilogy and Spidey 2.
And 3 memory sticks - a 1GB, 512MB and the 32MB that came with it.



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I did a quick check of prices for 'new' now

You can buy a PSP new for £130
4x UMD films - I'd say £20.. at most... since they're not particularly good films :devil:
The 3x mem sticks - £30-£60 for them
Just did another search on the games. They range from £13 to £20 UK online retail. £10 at most then if you sell?

Bear in mind these are UK online prices (except for the UMD films) not Ebay and 2nd hand prices, so lower prices accordingly to reflect 2nd hand nature :)


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how much do you want for the 1GB card ?


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Mod Comment.

No sales talk in this forum :lesson:

Closing this thread now. Please post a classified ad in the relevant zone.
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