How much should I be paying for BT Broadband Enabling Technology (BET)?


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Oct 27, 2021
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Newtownards, Co.Down, Northern Ireland
I have been a rural BT customer for over 30 years and have had the benefit (?) of their BET Broadband for the last 9 years. I have switched my phone and landline rental to another company but have had to leave my BET Broadband service with BT as no other provider in my area would take it on. I am currently paying £39.00 + usage charge + VAT per month (exclusive of my land line contract) for a broadband service of approx 1.5 download speed. 24 months ago BT reduced the monthly charge from £39 to £15 but could only do this by issuing me with a quarterly credit note off the previous contract price. I have now tried to renew this 24 month contract but BT have said it is no longer possible and I have to go back to paying the £39 + VAT per month. I feel this is a rip off for a broadband speed of 1.5 !
What price are others paying for their BET broadband service? I have no 4G signal and only occasional 3G at my property.
It's not £39 a month because there has to be equipment to handle a lot of data, but because it has to pay for the upkeep of a much greater length of line and all of the supporting physical infrastructure than your typical internet connection.

I'm not quite sure why BT have done an about face on their decision to absorb those extra costs but this ranged extended ADSL technology was never rolled out very widely so did the salesman sound like they knew what they were talking about?

You could try contacting one of the news sites that cover broadband like ISPReview or Thinkbroadband, they might be interested in this pricing change and would be able to confirm it with their contacts.

In terms of getting a better deal, have you checked through the various schemes/obligations for better connection installs (USO, rural gigabit vouchers etc.)? And have you checked local wireless and similar ISPs to see if any of them can provide an alternative connection. Your profile says Northern Ireland so that'd be companies like Airfibre, Beacon Broadband and Bluebox.

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