How much is it worth??



We've(work) got a sony Plasma (not sure what gen,but 3yrs old), it has screen burn CNN in the bottom right hand corner. What kinda money should I be asking for this. Ballpark, I don't want it, but it's an asset that i have to sell.


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With that type of damage £250, I'd right it off after 3 years anyway.

Will be ok if you can find a CNN addict.


It has a NBV off 0, just trying to get some cash for it.

BTW CHAMPIONS, just looking forward to the 16th


Another alternative - cowboy tactic!?

Link the screen to a PC and open up Powerpoint.
Create a plan white slide and expand it over the whole screen and leave it there with a white screen for a few minutes - "screen wash"

This should get rid of the CNN logo, but it will really take allot of life of the screen - but you are selling it!

Jon Weaver

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Will it really??

I asked this question yesturday and was told that when a pixel is burned, it burned and there is no way to clean it.

If this were to work, another idea (on the same principal) would be to create a 'white screen' with a PC, but draw in a black CNN logo which perfectly coveres the 'burned' CNN logo.

Thats what the Panasonic invert mode is for (I think).

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Not so simple I'm afraid!

Once that CNN logo has been 'ghosted' onto the display it will be all but impossible to remove it - if you do see a 'ghost' and it stays visible after a few minutes get your displays 'screen saver' mode into action straight away; and its not a matter of minutes but possibly an hour or so for some displays.

Running your display in its screen saver modes - or even as you suggested an all white slide - for a long period wont cause it any harm; when creating content for digital signage solutions we often include 20 -30 minutes of all white at the start of each 'programme' and the programmes are usually auto started each day using a Crestron or similar system and this along with pre programming the displays to run there internal screen savers at regular intervals ensures we minimise the possibility of screen burn on commercial installations.

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Once it's burnt in, the only think you can do is to burn the rest of the screen to match! Not really an option I think you'll agree.

This is a problem for electronic test equipment where they've been on for years, showing the same display 24/7. Best avoided if possible.

Screens are improving, and remember that you're not using them in your home as much or with a constant image as you would if CNN was on all the time! You might flick over to Sky or News24....

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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