How much is a Sanyo Z5 worth these days?


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Im looking to sell my sanyo Z5 next month. This was my first projector so not sure its value anymore. Wanted you guys to give me an idea how much i should be asking for it. I know its not worth much these days.

Its got 1400 hours on bulb. Also the automatic lens cover doesnt shut just stays open. The projector itself though works perfectly fine and in mint condition.

Taken the above into account what should i be asking for?


Im not creating a thread to sell it now so hope this dont get locked but just wanted some advice.



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I would say a little more £200-£225 maybe.:)


Mine was working perfectly with around 300 hours and it went for £275 - another one with a spare bulb went for around £400 on here recently too looking at the archives?

There was quite an interest in both so if it's working apart from the door you should do ok :)


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Been after one for ages. Few that came up on eBay every so often went for about £330.

I bought one the other day for £385 including delivery, a spare bulb and an HDMI and its MINT!!!!!!!!!!!! So pleased.

So id say about £280? Ish?

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