How much for Sanyo Z5

Doctor Smith

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Im thinking of selling my sanyo z5 and going back to DLP as rainbow effect does not bother me. It is around 3 month old with 50 hrs on bulb in echo mode. How much do you think I should put it up for. Many thanks


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As a guide I've just sold an AX100, about 7/8 months old with 300hrs for £500to a friend which included an extended two year warranty.

Considering the age and low hours I would say around £525-£550 with delivery would be a fair price.

Doctor Smith

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The reason Im thinking of selling is the picture is brilliant its just I love my blacks and the black levels although good are not as good as my Pioneer Plasma, so I was thinking of getting a DLP Darkchip 2 or 3, but my budget is only £800. I do not want to be downgrading though, so I was thinking is it worth sacrificing picture quality for better blacks. At the minute Im thinking it might be. Any advice would be good. My room is all white


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Im no expert but i would keep the Z5 for longer, I cant imagine a £800 new projector will be that much better (didnt the Z5 cost about 650-700 anyway?).

Unless of course you mean £800 budgeted cash plus £550 contribution from the sale of Z5 meaning spending £1350 on a new projector.

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