How much for decent seperates system?


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Hello all,

How much in your opinion would a decent cd seperates system cost? I have a dav 550 for movies and without even hearing the system yet I have resigned myself that I need a seperate system for music (surely there are counsellors for people suffering from upgraditis!?) ;)

I know that silly money can be paid for a system but I would be looking at about 300-350 pounds. Would floor standers be the better option to speaker stands?

Finally, how much would a system cost with a transport, dac, amp and speakers?


James :)


You could get a fairly good sounding stereo seperates system for that kind of money. Richersounds are generally the place to start looking for budget components but I can make a few suggestions.
I'm sure there will be a few others along to give their recomendations too.
I'd suggest you add to your auditioning list the usual suspects which are:-














Any of the above would sound good together imo (much better than the dav) but only you can judge what is best to your ear. Most of the usual suspects are not any better or worse than one another just different. You'll have to find the character you like by mixing different bits till you find the sound that does it for you.

happy hunting

don't forget to factor in speaker cables and interconnects (£20-£30):devil:

any other qusetions ask away:)

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