how much does a dvd and a dvd player matters


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think of it. one can easily get a dvd for around 150 $ so why does a person go for a 2000 $ dvd player. the 2000 $ dvd player wont have that much of a picture difference that i am sure. so what else is there in this expensive peice of hardware.

plus. what is the difference between a original dvd and a pirate dvd which is sold for around 1.5 $. very cheap indeed.


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For the first question, I can't truly answer, but look at my kit and you'll see I have a cheapo DVD player and pretty good speakers and processor/amp. This is because my projector won't be able to take advantage of 'any benefits' a better DVD player will be able to provide (as the native resolution is a bit poo!) And believe me, I have demoed a good few high end DVD players, from Pioneer to Arcam to Denon, and they all look the same on my PJ! More disturbingly for me, they all sound the same through the digital outputs. So, let everyone know what other kit you have and you will probably get some decent advice.
As for pirate DVDs, sure, I have seen some, ranging from downright ludicrous (prologic VHS quality and worse) to state of the art (Hellboy before it was in the cinemas). And I would say that I would never ever buy one, simply because I do not believe DVD's are particularly expensive and I DO believe that piracy is theft (and there have been some heated threads on that issue here with many opposing views!)
However, I know many people who see DVD simply as a shiny disc containing moving pictures. Picture quality - completely irrelevant, I can see a picture; sound quality - well, I can hear the sound; Dolby digital - err, what...; Commentaries - god, is John Motson in this film...
You get the picture (fuzzy, maybe, if it's a pirate)

john R1

i do beleive ypu have a good point although on my pw6 there is a improvement in both pq and sound quality from my dv-89 compared to my old toshiba sd100 which my boy now uses, i think the same can be said for all hi-fi or av set ups i used to have a naim based hi-fi not everybodys cup of tea but changing from a cd3 to a cd2 cd player there is is my opinon very little differance apart from the £1000 pounds the only differance i ever noticed even which was only slight was from changing a naim 72 pre-amp to a second hand nac 82 even then the improvment only came with the adding of hi-cap power supplys


The law of diminishing return

Assuming you are auditioning good equipment you should 'see / hear' an improvement.
Whether this often marginal improvement is worth the investment is the dilemma we all face when making purchasing decisions.

My partner for example can't get her head around the cost of cables, but I see another component in the chain and worth the investment, to a point where the cost out weighs the benefit.

The cost vs value/benefit/desire to own, is the fundamental reason why we all don't drive a Skoda (insert here, car make of conditioned perceived low quality) or buy our Sunday best suits from Woolworths!!

My 2p's worth from my salesperson training delivery experience.


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There are differences between a budget DVD player and a highend one but as Duffers0 has said the it's the law of diminishing return. It's down to each individual (and their wallet!) to decide if the extra quality is worth the extra cash. You also need to spend more money on all your other components to get the benefits so it kind of feeds on itself. Personally I would pay up to £1000 on a DVD player if it had better picture quality and could play CD's at the same level as a good CD player. Having said that I'd also be happy with a £100 (or even less) player if it met my needs. Horses for courses.

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