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How much do you love me?


Distinguished Member
Anyone else get this from their other halves?

Is it just me or is it an utterly pointless and stupid question, inspired by bloody Twilight novels and glossy magazines?

She doesn't ask it like that, but more often than not, if I tell her I love her, the reply is "how much".

I make no bones about the fact that I'm not the most poetic or gushing chap around, so it's a question I find hard to answer. That's not because I don't love her, I just think it's a stupid question.


Yeah get it all the time, I just say 'more than chocolate'.


Distinguished Member
It's a very stupid question. This was me 2 weeks ago. On the way to the airport.

Don't think she was impressed.


Distinguished Member
"i'm not feeling very loved over here"

.. "me neither"

She's all for equality (as am I), so I won't put up with that you're a man, I'm a woman bs :D


Established Member
Don't answer the question. Take a long pause.

When they ask why you've not answered their question say "words cannot describe".

I was passing a field with grazing cows, and thought of you.


Distinguished Member
Ha ha. To be fair, replying with a thank you when someone says they are going to miss you is never what a woman wants to hear.

'I love you'

'Cheers, bye then'

To be fair she always says I give the incorrect response, it's not that I don't like her, it's just me lol

NooBish AbbZ 92

Distinguished Member
My gf often just gets upset because I 'haven't said I love you for ages' Read: that day. Not into all this emotional and heartfelt stuff (which she knew when we got together) but still have to say it to keep her happy. I do love her obviously, but turns out she wants to hear it every 5 minutes.

Not had this one yet though, if she asks, I'll probably just shrug :blush:


"more than your mother"

Can be taken in more than one way :laugh:


Distinguished Member
Borrowing from the only acceptable answer to "how long is a piece of string?"...

"Twice as much as I love half of you."

Edit, it might depend which half

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