how much difference does a dvd player makes in a home theater ?


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like the marantz 9500 or the arcam top of the lines. basically how much difference do they make in a home theater . a moderate one and a hi end one as compared to dvd players under 200 $

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Whitewolf - if you continue to post questions in the speaker forum that are nothing to do with speakers I will just delete them in future as this is the second day running that I have have to tidy up after you.


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The difference is seen on the edges of curved objects, also the deep of colour and normally some sharpness and definition too.
All of these are slight and dont make as much of a difference as the cost difference... but there is an improvement. Most people end up upgrading because they see this difference at some point. Just get what you can afford.


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Since switching from my old pioneer 747 to my Denon 3910 i have seen a huge difference. Mainly because my system is now playing at 1080i through DVi-D (HDMI) whereas before it was only doing 480p.

Of course you need to have a decent display too.
Amp n speaker wise, its the same that ive been using for the last couple of years, but even then I noticed an fairly high boost in sound quality from the new DVD player.
(i am planing a speaker upgrade soon though, so i should see another big change.)

It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Also worth noting that in the next couple of years we will be seeing new formats like HD-DVD and Blu Ray which will one day make DVD obsolete. If you want a taste of that world to come, you could try geting a D-VHS player and some hi def movies.

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My best advice is to spend as much as possible on speakers and display as possible. That way as you upgrade the rest of your kit DVD/amp you have the means to see and hear the difference.

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