How much diesel left when the light starts flashing ? (Vectra)


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o here's a question that must have been answered umpteen times, but searching hasn't thrown up an answer.

I have an 06 plate 1.9 CDTI (not the 150) and am curious as to how many miles I should expect once the fuel light starts flashing. I dare not try it myself !


id expect it to vary on per model/engine type. My boss has the exact same car, il ask him tomorrow and see what he says. On my brothers car (2001 Avensis CDX) theres a digital readout telling you how many miles left in the tank, same on quite a few modern cars now. The only other way to test it without pushing it to the limit as you say, is wait for the light to come on, then fill the tank, take the amount of litres you put in and minus it off the tank capacity.


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You wont do the engine any good running the tank that low. Ive done 60 miles with the fuel light on in a 2.0l diesel astra before, the fuel light was flashing for the last 5-6 miles.


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My old Vectra CDTi 150 showed 30 miles left when the light started flashing. I did actually push it to 20 miles one time.


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Rule of thumb, a gallon of fuel.



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Same as clockworks here, my 150 Astra 1.9 CDTi starts flashing showing 30 miles to go. I've only taken it that low a couple of times and I'd certainly be looking to fill up ASAP rather than bring up all the [email protected] at the bottom of the fuel tank.


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The manual says something like when it "starts flashing fill up immediately" My trip computer kicks in at ramge 30 but seems to stay there for a while have done 20 miles with range stuck at 30 but i would say your the wrong side of 1 gallon (once your into the fuel in the pipe from the tank tp the filter you have seconds before trip to the garage potentially an expensive one remeber on common rail enginges the fuel pump is the expensive bit...

eric pisch

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dont know about vauxhauls but vws and audis come on with "30" miles to go but theres still about 3 gallons left

although u dont want to be running out in a derv :)


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dont know about vauxhauls but vws and audis come on with "30" miles to go but theres still about 3 gallons left

although u dont want to be running out in a derv :)

My wife has tested that one out....ignored the red bit of the fuel guage and the funny noise the dashboard was making until the car stopped.

So there was at least 30 miles when the warnings started,but it was still Ok after being run dry.


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I have a Vauxhall Zafira Sri Diesel (150) company car.

At about 30miles the fuel light comes on and the display comes up "range".

It then counts down to Zero and displays **RANGE**

About 20 miles later, the fuel light flashes.

I have done about another 4/5 miles after this and the cars still runs.

So, when my fuel light comes on, i have about 50ish miles left.


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It's quite easy to work it out.

1: As soon as the light starts flashing, fill up. To the top.
2: Note the quantity of fuel needed to fill up (example, 43 litres)
3: Check specifications for the car, for the size of the fuel tank (example 60 litres)
4: Subtract fill quantity from tank size to get the amount that was left (example 60-43 = 17 litres).
5: To get gallons, divide litres by 4.546 (example 17/4.546 = 3.74)

To know how far this will take you, you need to calculate your actual mpg from actual use. To do this:

1: Fill up to the top. Note the odometer reading (or reset the trip counter)
2: Drive until another fill up is necessary
3: Fill up to the top. Note the odometer reading or trip counter reading. Note the quantity of fuel.
4: Calculate gallons - litres divided by 4.546.
5: Calculate miles (if necessary) - new odometer reading minus old odometer reading
6: mpg = miles divided by gallons.

This won't be precise for one tankful - factors such as the workings of the pump cutoff, the angle of the car as it stands on the forecourt will affect the amount needed to fill up; and the nature of the actual driving done between fill ups can affect the consumption quite dramatically. The longer the distance travelled and the more fuel used, the better an indication you'll get.

You can do the calculation cumulatively. In point 3, this can be any number of fill-ups (full or partial) later - so long as you know the TOTAL amount of fuel put in since point 1, and so long as THIS time it's full to the top.

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