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How much capacity are you using on your hard drives?


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Just out of interest, how much capacity (GB) do you currently use on your hard drives and what total capacity are your hard drives? What do you use them for and how have you got them configured? (in RAID ??)

I am considering upgrading my hard drive to perhaps a solid state drive (for the main operating system) and a faster hard drive for the storage.

Doesn't it make sense to by a fast (read/write speed) hard drive with a large cache and rotation speed over capacity. Lots of people rave about 1TB and 2TB drives but there is no way I would need such a large capacity.

  1. 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3500630AS
    SATA150 16MB 7,200rpm
    I'm only currently using 68GB

  2. 80GB Western Digital WD800JD-60LSA5
    SATA300 8MB 7,200rpm
    This is a back up hard drive of all my music and photos and I'm only using 40GB of it.


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Well, you can have high capacity drives that are fast also ;).
Plus, it's easy to dismiss high capacity drives if you don't personally have a need for them.

As for myself...

1Tb Samsung Spinpoint F1 - 20Gb Free. :\ (Storage)
320Gb Seagate Barracuda - OS
320Gb Seagate Barracuda - OS 2
320Gb Toshiba External - Storage

I was using the Barracudas in Raid 1 for storage redundancy but I needed more space so bought the 1Tb sammy. I need to get a second one for Raid1 but I can't afford it and even if I could I would -LIKE- to use it for more storage as i've only got 20Gb free but I -SHOULD- use it for Raid1..

Don't want to risk all that media :\.


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25GB for Windows, 180GB for games, 5GB for programs and 30GB of stuff. That's on a single 465GB western digital greenpower so roughly half of it used, 240GB worth of SSD would cost me £600-800 so I shan't be buying one any time soon.

However, you could probably get away with a 60GB OCZ Vertex for £200, or spend a little more and get the 80GB Intel X25-M for £300. If you've got the money and you're a keen computer user then I'd say go for it - it probably won't increase your productivity but it'll be really cool and give you bragging rights.

As for the speed vs. capacity, the fastest drives are the ones that pack the data most tightly so to some extent capacity is tied in with speed. Right now the best desktop hard drives use 500GB platters so anything smaller than 500GB is likely to be using an older, less dense and slower technology. Although as far as I know the only drives on the market right now using 500GB platters are Western Digital's 2TB Greenpower and some of Seagate's drives (including a 500GB one), most are using 320/333GB platters.


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Laptop - 100GB - Using about 30GB (as I've recently formatted and reinstalled as it was full and sloooooooooow!)

NAS - Buffalo Terastation Live with 4 x 1.5TB (seagate barracuda 7200) drives in RAID 1+0 - Using about 10% at the moment. Use it for storage my ever increasing number of family photos on (RAID was largely for this as I'd be gutted if I lost my photos!), have ripped our CD collection to it to stream around the house, plan to rip our DVD collection to it too.
I upgraded the drives to the 1.5TB to make them nice and future proof so I don't have to fiddle with it again.


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Lapotp Internal
Seagate 160GB - 15GB free (OS, Documents, Music)
Seagate 750GB - 15GB free (Movies)
Seagate 750GB - 50GB free (TV)
Seagate 1TB - 30GB free (TV + Backup)

So currently using about 2.35/2.5TB. Going to get myself a NAS server in the next couple of months.
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Main pc
80GB Os drive 35Gb Free
80GB Apps drive 63GB Free
600GB Torrent drive Varies
900GB Random video drive 89GB Free
1TB Games and recorded tv 278GB Free

80GB Os Drive 62GB Free
4TB DVD/APPS/Games 1GB Free

Server 2
80GB Os Drive 62GB Free
4TB DVD/Blu ray Drive 2.5TB Free

Workstation 1
80GB Drive 26GB Free

80GB Drive 65GB Free

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