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How much can Room Correction do? have been looking at the Anthem


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I'm currently looking at properties and being an AV enthusiast decided that as I will finally own the place i' d like to upgrade to a PJ which means my £300 Sony 5.1 set will be getting replaced so have been looking at receivers circa £1000 and speakers in the £2000-3000 range. However, I have been looking at the Anthem 310/510 which come with Arc which looks fantastic as I won't have the extra money to get a professional to tune and calibrate it all but I'm curious as to its limits? As in how well does it deal with oddly shaped rooms and can it really never make an odd shaped room sound as good as a normal rectangle shaped lounge? I likely won't have the option of a dedicated room but could potentially set the 'lounge' up in the main bedroom if big enough and use the lounge for a much desired pool table ;) but again all depending on the property so moving it may not be an option.

My property purchase won't be based on this but it will help narrow it down. For instance I'm looking at a place that has a large 28" x15" open plan kitchen lounge with the kitchen occupying about and 10 feet of the length but there's also a few small arches off for doors and a large full length window leading to a balcony on one side. Could I make a less than ideal room like this sound good and is something like Arc much easier to use to accomplish it?

Thank you for any help.


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Speaker wise I can recommend the jamo d600 thx utra 2 that I have.Ive had klipsch,kef and b&w and these blow them out the water.they are compact wall mounted and the few to carry the thx utra 2 label meaning the best for movies.The detail these speakers pull out of a Blu-ray Disc is unreal,the slightest sounds of wind behind you that other speakers miss is there.On top of that when they came out the package was in excess of £5k but can be had online now for below 2.5k.The only speakers that would match these would be the mk150s which would cost three times as much for a package with sub!.
not sure about the receiver as I'm running mine with the onkyo 818 which I bought based on the reviews and for under £600 I can't see how any other receiver would sound better as I'm in the camp which believes in spending more on speakers than receiver!.


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Thanks for the reply and recommendations but I was more after the capabilities of Room Correction and can it make a bad room sound good and how far off an ideal room would it be.


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There is no doubt that good room correction can help a lot & that bad room correction is worse than no correction. The extent to which it works for you is really setup specific, no one can honestly say "yes it's going to work for you" without experiencing your setup and your room. I think the odds are pretty well stacked in your favour though if you go with ARC.

You might find this thread useful btw - Anthem MRX 310 / 510 / 710 Series Owners Thread | AVForums

You could ask there for feedback from anyone with similarly odd shaped rooms
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Buy the Anthem.
We switched from Onkyo to Anthem last year and have not regretted it.
The Anthem is a receiver doing what it's supposed to, not trying to stream music etc.
We fitted an MRX300 in a small room with some Monitor Audio in wall speakers, it sounded good. We ran the ARC and it sounded like we had replaced the speakers with ones costing three times as much.
The new ARC2 is even better.
We are just in the process of replacing an Onkyo processor with a MRX510 and using the ARC2 for room correction instead of the customers existing Audyssey Pro unit.

Mario Nicholas

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The Anthem range with ARC2 is an excellent receiver and the room correction is very accurate, I was fortunate to experience the range extensively demonstrated last week and the resultant sound was worthy of kit costing five times the price. The room needs to be physically setup to the best layout first and then run the ARC2, it can now be calibrated for Movie surround and stereo seperately so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Joe Fernand

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'Could I make a less than ideal room like this sound good' - how effective any Room Correction works for you in you room will first off rely on how close to the 'ideal' you can position your loudspeakers around the listening Zone and what type of loudspeaker you install.



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I forgot about this thread! Bit of an update have chosen a small house and will be doing some work inside the lounge to extend it a bit. Its still a slight L shape although not too bad. Would you say that I have chosen the best speaker positions considering the space available? One thing to note is the top wall is going to be a new wall and the door can go almost anywhere there I just put it where it is for design purposes.

If anything can be improved or if it should be switched around please let me know. I may start a new thread just to make sure I have everything as good as can be, sub placement again is dependent on when I get it all in there (6-9 weeks!) but hopefully will get the required responses in here!



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