How much are prices likely to drop on TV's during Christmas/Black Friday?



As the heading of the thread says, how much do you think we can look at in terms of price drops come Black Friday/ Christmas?

Reason I am asking is, I have just pulled the trigger on a Samsung 65Q90T for £1999 (20% discount), I was initially pondering about which TV to get and just as I decided to go for the Q90T they ran out of stock on the Samsung site, so when I received the stock alert when it came back I jumped at it without a second thought!
However now I am wondering if I should cancel the order before it gets delivered and wait for Black Friday/Christmas for a better price.
Can the experts on this forums advise as to if prices will drop more then 20% come end of the year? The current 20% discount will expire end of September, am I likely to get a bigger discount if I wait?

We currently have a Samsung UE48H6400AK, which has been fine for us up until now. Although since past few months it has developed some blue light bleed which is not very noticeable unless its a white scene. Also we have done some renovation during the lock down and have now rearranged our living room, the TV is now almost twice the distance from the sofa compared to before and now seems very tiny!

I have not really looked into TVs or prices for almost over 5 years now since I bought my last television. We were not looking to change our TV until next year but since our holiday got cancelled this year we have decided to upgrade our TV instead. After doing a bit of reading on here I went looking for a 2019 65" tele, unfortunately I missed the clearance offers on the Samsung 2019 models. I went looking around in Currys/John Lewis etc, I was able to find a ex display Q80R model in my local Curry's for around £14xx but with no 5 year warranty which I didn't want to risk without the extended cover.
John Lewis had a clearance 65Q90R, also for around £1400 and they said they did the 5 year cover on it as well over the phone. But having travelled all the way to the store that had the last remaining unit I was told they will not be selling any of the display items anymore as they had not received the new display stock and could not leave their displays empty...


am I likely to get a bigger discount if I wait?
Yes. Don't purchase a 2020 TV before black friday, even with discount you'll currently pay more.

Also worth considering the new 8k Samsung models are more similar to the 2019 Q90R with local dimming performance. The Q90T is a regression in this department, with it performing more similarly to the 2019 Q85R.

So that really puts selling the Q90R for £1400 into perspective compared to what you paid for the Q90T.

EDIT* Q90T is also lacking the one connect box that the Q90R and Q95T gain.

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