how much 2nd hand?


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i will be selling my pc soon and am wondering how much i will get for it, the specs are below:
P4 1.8ghz cpu (Socket 423)
Intel 850gb motherboard
512mb pc800 RDRAM (ecc registered)
ibm 30gb ide hdd
64mb geforce2 gts agp graphics card
creative labs soundblaster live 1024 souncard
internal iomega zip100 drive
sony floppy drive
LG 12x4x32 cdr/w drive
Lian Li pc 6o case (aliminuim and very cool)
a big orange heatsink and fan that was approx £25 new
300W psu
loaded with win 2000 professional
oh yeah. a 17" dell monitor, keyboard and mouse
probably a few more bits as well if needed!


Depends on where you sell it... adding up bits, around 350 if you sell through online forums (old technology ;)). More if you sell through your local paper. ebay is another option.
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