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How much ‘Tweaking’ is too much?


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Posted this photo on my Flickr last week and got some favourable comment on it, but when my wife saw it she really slated me for the amount that I had ‘Tweaked’ it in PP.
I tried to explain to her that we don’t always go with what comes straight out of the camera, but it’s an interpretation of what you see in your minds eye!

Is she right?

These two were taken at the same time!

SheffieldParkMiddleLake on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

As always C&C more than welcome!


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I would have gone further and opened up some of the blocked up shadows, especially in the last one.

Nice shots though, really like the reflections in the water in the second one :thumbsup:


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They're all great shots, and I agree with what you said to your wife about PP.

My only comment would be that the 1st one has a little too much of a red tint over the greens, if you know what I mean?

I love how crisp / clear they all are though, and great reflections :smashin:


I don't the images are overcooked at all :thumbsup:

All I do to my raws is tweak the exposure, contrast, shadow and highlights and boost the saturation. The only time I go overboard is when doing a B&W conversion or HDR, but I still try and keep it looking close to how I remember it as I can.

Nice reflection shots but I think number 1 could be improved with some HDR treatment ;)


lightpainter just keep an eye on your file sizes will you, 300kb and under for embedding!

Thanks :)


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I like the middle one, but the bottom shot looks too dark and the first one is... well, weird.


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I think they are all very nice apart from the first one, the sky looks false on my monitor.


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lightpainter just keep an eye on your file sizes will you, 300kb and under for embedding!

Thanks :)

Sorry about that Zone, have the download sizes changed? Haven’t posted for a while and these are no different to what I have posted before!


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They are very eye catching:thumbsup:
And actually to follow on what a previous poster said, there is nothing with art, if you aren't trying to pass it off as the picture as it was taken: The aim is to produce a visually pleasing image
I think you did just that..quite well too

Regarding file sizes
The problem with file sizes is our desire to get as good quality ...but it is capped at 300Kb
Im not sure if this new system has anything to do with it but if they are 300Kb at the hosting site there is not reason why they should be more here as embedded


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My wife June says you lot don’t know what your talking about! Lol

These are a few shot (no tweaking) that June took with my 20D using an old EF 35-80 lens that I had on my EOS film camera.
This is the first time she has ever held a DSLR, but it’s nice to have her showing a bit of interested in our hobby instead of keep moaning about the time it takes me to get a photo!

Click photo for larger!

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